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125 Years Through 125 Stories: 
Our story. Our heritage. Our inspiration.

April 14, 2022

As the College moves toward its Quasquicentennial in 2024, Digest Magazine invites you to celebrate the spirit, character and myriad accomplishments of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine’s first 125 years.

Through an ongoing series, presented in different mediums, we’ll consider the College in the context of its past and future, chronicling the illustrious and untold stories of its people. We’ll capture the richness and reality of place and the magnified moments that collectively reflect PCOM and its enduring commitment to meaningful education and experience.

To start, we proffer six reflections of legendary PCOM professors—as told by today’s professors. Their words connect an intellectual community that extends across generations. In addition, we bring to light the stirring story of PCOM’s second African American alumna, Edna K. Williams, DO 1926, a diminutive osteopath with mighty hands and boundless drive.

Reflections of Legendary PCOM Professors

Robert Meals, DO '56

As told by Kenneth J. Veit, DO '76, MBA, FACOFP

William Gilhool, DO

As told by Kristen Berry, DO '00

David Heilig, DO '44, MsC (Ost.), FAAO

As told by Alexander S. Nicholas, DO '75, FAAO dist.

Nicholas C. Pedano, DO '61, FACOS

As told by Pat Lannutti, DO '71, MSc

Charlotte H. Greene, PhD

As told by Mindy George-Weinstein, PhD

Daniel L. Wisely, DO, FACOS, LLD (Hon.)

As told by H. William Craver III, DO ’87, FACOS