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Office of the President

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Office of the President 
Jay S. Feldstein, DO '81

An alumnus of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Jay S. Feldstein, DO '81, has served as the institution's eighth president and chief executive officer since July 1, 2014.


During Dr. Feldstein's tenure, major institutional strategic initiatives set forth in PCOM 2020: A Strategic Vision have been achieved. These outcomes are highlighted in the PCOM 2020: Report on Our Accomplishments. Under his leadership, the College is now executing the next strategic plan—PCOM 2025—to advance PCOM’s position of excellence.

Commitment to Racial and Cultural Diversity

Growth in Research

  • PCOM formed a strategic partnership with Organic Remedies in 2020 to study medicinal cannabis, focusing on its therapeutic potential for opioid management and the treatment of chronic pain, impact on behavioral health and quality of life, and trends in usage.
  • In 2019, PCOM's investigators, Drs. David Festinger and Michelle Lent were awarded a $5.5 million contract from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) to study the effectiveness of psychosocial treatments for patients receiving treatment for opioid use disorder.
  • The College received over $7 million in research awards for 15 faculty members in fiscal year 2020.
  • Forty research projects were funded by the Division of Research and more than 120 students were authors on publications in fiscal year 2020.
  • The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association’s special Engage issue in September 2019 featured research of PCOM faculty, staff and students from PCOM, PCOM Georgia and PCOM South Georgia.

Success and Increased Philanthropic Support for the College

Pioneering Entrepreneurship

In 2016, PCOM launched a unique venture focused on investing in healthcare-related products and services focused on primary care—the PCOM Primary Care Innovation Fund. Structured as a traditional venture capital fund to ultimately help grow the endowment of PCOM, the $5 million fund is focused on making investments in the range of $250,000 to $500,000.

Extending the College’s Physical Footprint

Academic Program Expansion/Achievements

Brand Awareness and Loyalty

In November 2015, PCOM began work to create and launch an integrated marketing and communications branding initiative to increase the College’s overall awareness and enrollment. Produced by the Office of Marketing and Communications in conjunction with 160over90 and Seer Interactive, the campaign (2016-2017) resulted in:

  • 333 percent increase in search engine marketing campaign conversions.
  • Nearly 40 percent increase in admissions inquiries.
  • 2.7 million website unique pageviews.
  • More than 16.4 million social media impressions.

In 2019, the College introduced a cohesive identity system designed to grow with any additional locations and to strengthen the overarching College brand.

PCOM Perspectives

In this monthly podcast series, Dr. Feldstein discusses news, research and other items of the day with various people from PCOM, PCOM Georgia and PCOM South Georgia.

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Levin Administration Building, First Floor
Phone: 215-871-6800

Jay S. Feldstein, DO
President and Chief Executive Officer

Lynn A. Kush
Executive Assistant to the President and Secretary to the Board