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Student Stories

The PCOM learning environment at each of our locations is a challenging, engaging place to thrive, and our students exemplify that dynamic.

Our students are active participants in the cutting-edge scientific and medical research that are hallmarks of the PCOM student experience. Together, PCOM students and faculty advance the cause of healthcare research.

Learn how our medical and graduate students spend their time at PCOM: studying to become competent healthcare professionals, volunteering to promote health equity with local organizations and enjoying student life in bustling communities.

Through the stories of our traditional and non-traditional students, you can learn about the academic programs that drew them here. Click through to read about our standout students, and to hear in their own words why PCOM was the right choice for them.

Want to learn more about PCOM? Hear from our students

Nasheed Burgess

Biomedical Sciences (Georgia)

Zoe Beausoleil

Biomedical Sciences (Philadelphia)

Adam Zahn

Clinical Psychology

Nicole Pritchett

DO (Georgia)

Memu-lye Kamara

DO (Philadelphia)

Natacha Rivera

Forensic Medicine

Siobhonn Job

Mental Health Counseling

Kim Arena


Nandi Rosier


Michael Allen

Physician Assistant Studies (Georgia)

Zachary Murphy

Physician Assistant Studies (Philadelphia)

Maia Campbell

School Psychology