Student Research

Research experiences for students are designed to stimulate the imagination and instill commitment to evidence based practice and the generation of new knowledge.

PCOM investigators are committed to training students in research methodologies and honing their communication skills. In turn, students contribute to formulation of hypotheses, data collection and sharing of information in a collegial atmosphere within the laboratory, patient care center or clinical research facility.

Information for students

Here's how to get involved:

  1. Read our research related webpages on
  2. Follow the links to the individual research focus areas of interest to you.
  3. Within the focus areas pages are links to individual faculty’s research page.
  4. Additional information about faculty research can be obtained by reading their publications listed in Digital Commons. Direct links to Digital Commons are provided on the faculty research pages.
  5. Review the listings for on- and off-campus research projects located in the Student Research Opportunities page accessed through the Student Research site in
  6. Attend the Faculty Research Forum event to receive the most current information on thesis and part time research opportunities.
  7. Contact faculty to discuss research projects.
  8. Review the guidelines for student conduct in the laboratory located within the Student Research page in
  9. All students are required to take the Responsible Conduct of Research course accessed through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program website. Your faculty mentor/principal investigator will guide you to other courses that are pertinent to your project.
  10. Approach your work with enthusiasm and dedication. What you learn from this experience will translate into other aspects of your professional life.

Information for external principal investigators

If you are an external principal investigator offering a student research opportunity, please complete our research opportunities form linked below or contact Jacquelyn White, PCOM Division of Research at


Student Research Spotlight

Click the images below to learn more about our student researchers.
Student researcher Frank C. Mayer III (DO '20)

Frank Mayer III (DO '20)


Professional headshot photograph of Samuel Schadt (DO '19)

Samuel Schadt (DO '19)


Photograph of Meridith Hawkins, MS/Biomed '18, presenting her research poster at GA-PCOM Research Day

Meridith Hawkins, MS/Biomed '18


Photograph of Nicole McAndrew (DO '20) working in a research lab.

Nicole McAndrew (DO '20)


Professional headshot photograph of Winston Hamilton (DO '20)

Winston Hamilton (DO '20)


Professional headshot photograph of Shane Swink (DO ’18)

Shane Swink (DO ’18)


Photograph of Eric Wang (DO ’20) working in a research lab.

Eric Wang (DO ’20)


Photograph of Arielle Roberts (DO ’21) in a research laboratory

Arielle Roberts (DO ’21)


Photograph of Irandokht Khaki Najafabadi (PharmD ‘18) working in a pharmacy research laboratory.

Irandokht Najafabadi (PharmD ‘18)


Professional headshot photograph of Christopher Capicotto (DO '19)

Christopher Capicotto (DO ’19)


Photograph of Teena John (PharmD '19) working in a pharmacy research lab with a professor.

Teena John (PharmD ‘19)


Photograph of Anahi McIntyre (MS/Biomed ’18) working with a faculty researcher in a laboratory.

Anahi McIntyre (MS/Biomed ’18)