Administrative Departments

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Administrative Departments

The administrative departments at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine provide services to students, faculty and staff. From graphic design and printing services to technological assistance and maintenance requests, the College’s administrative departments are available to assist.

Our Departments


Monitors, analyzes and interprets the financial performance of the College.

Accounts Payable

Handles funds disbursement, including vendor payments.

Bursar's Office

Responsible for billing of student tuition accounts.

Controller's Office

Facilitates critical planning for the quality and administration of the College's financial services.

Distribution Services

Provides material-oriented products and services.

Diversity and Community Relations

Ensures the practices and policies of the College are equitable. 

Financial Aid 

Helps students maximize funding sources and minimize debt.

Financial Analysis/Budget 

Prepares and monitors the institution's budget.

Financial Operations 

Controls funds received and disbursed by the College.

Human Resources 

Attracts and retains qualified individuals to be part of the PCOM community.

Information Technology Services 

Delivers technology-based services including computer networking, telecommunications and more.

Marketing and Communications 

Builds awareness and support for PCOM through effective marketing and communication strategies.


Occupational and Environmental Safety 

Plans, implements, monitors and reviews the College's environmental safety strategies.

Plant Operations 

Responsible for maintenance of physical facilities and the College's safety and security programs.

Printing Solutions 

Provides printing, copying, binding and other services.


Procures equipment, supplies and services required by all departments within the College.


Serves as academic historians and record keepers.

Safety and Security 

Maintains order on campus and enforces College procedures.