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PCOM Research

Innovative research activities on PCOM’s campuses range from deciphering mechanisms of cell, tissue and organ development, function and pathogenesis, to analyses of behavior, learning and psychopathology. The overall goal of our research is to develop and test novel approaches to diagnosing, treating and preventing dysfunction and disease.


What Our Students Say

"During the didactic years of medical school, I yearned for more direct engagement with clinical medicine …clinical research was another means for me to engage with current medical practice."

Hilary Gray (DO ’22)

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Hilary Gray (DO ’22) portrait

"…research is collaborative in all facets of the word. I would not be able to be where I am today without my research experience or without those who have mentored, taught and helped me to find research areas of interest."

Samuel P. Prahlow (DO ‘24)

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Samuel P. Prahlow (DO ‘24) portrait

Our Mission


Advance science and medicine through basic, translational, clinical, behavioral, education and community research.


Promote wellness with monthly "Info on the Go" graphics on a variety of health and research topics.


Mentor students in research methodologies and dissemination of information.

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