In-Person and Online CME Programs and CE Programs at PCOM
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Continuing Education 
In-Person and Online CME and CE Programs

Our web-based continuing education center allows healthcare professionals to satisfy requirements for licensure and certification.

Our continuing education (CE) and continuing medical education (CME) programs are designed to be informative, collaborative and participatory. They are offered in online and in-person teaching formats, including face-to-face conferences, live webinars and on-demand courses. Use the link below to view course offerings and to register.


The Center for Teaching Support and Professional Development promotes teaching excellence with effective educational strategies, resources and technologies. We support professional development, continuing educational and lifelong learning.

The Center for Teaching Support and Professional Development supports the PCOM community with training and resources to inspire and empower current and future health professionals, allowing them to become lifelong learners and excel in their professions.

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