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PCOM Virtual Tour 
Pennsylvania and Georgia Locations

Welcome to the PCOM virtual tour. We invite you to learn more about our Pennsylvania and Georgia locations by exploring our vibrant campuses through 360-degree images, photo galleries and videos.


Tour Details

Click the links below to learn more about the virtual tour features. Several sections contain video demonstrations. TIP: After clicking the "play" arrow, move your cursor below the video frame to hide the video controls. You may also click the full screen icon to the right of the controls to view the video in a new window.

Navigate the tour

When accessing the tour on desktop, you can toggle through scenes by clicking the arrow buttons to the right and left sides of your screen or selecting a scene from the thumbnails displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Zoom in or out

Use your scroll button to zoom in or out or use the controls in the bottom right corner of the screen.

View additional scene details, photos and/or videos

Click on "+more information" to view additional details including photos and/or videos.

View additional tour options

Click on the menu icon in the top right corner of the screen to view additional tour options.

Change view to full screen, turn off auto-rotate and more tour tools

Use the tools menu at the bottom right of the screen to change the tour to full screen, turn off auto-rotate and more.

Turn on "little planet" or architectural view

Right click on your screen and select your preferred viewing option.

Use Google Cardboard

Open the tour on your mobile phone and select the Google Cardboard icon. You can also select the "Enter VR" menu option. Insert the phone in your Google Cardboard headset and turn your head to look around the scene.

Google Cardboard icon

Keyboard shortcuts

The following keyboard mappings can be used to navigate the virtual tour:

  • View next tour scene: Spacebar
  • Change camera angle: Arrow keys
  • Information: I
  • Fullscreen: F
  • Help: / or ?
  • More information: M
  • Photo gallery: P
  • Video gallery: V
  • Contact information: C
  • Zoom-in: +
  • Zoom-out: -
  • Hide GUI: H

More help

Need additional help? Contact

More Information About PCOM's Locations

Prospective students can learn more by attending an open house or information session or scheduling an on-campus tour. For more information about visiting in person or applying to our campus, visit


Take a Virtual Tour

Click the images below to view our 360-degree virtual tours.
Tour PCOM Georgia
Tour PCOM South Georgia