Anatomical Sciences and Pathology Research at PCOM
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Pathology and Anatomy

Research at PCOM

Anatomical Histopathology Research 
Pathology and Anatomical Sciences

Anatomical histopathology research provides significant contributions to our understanding of diseases, helping healthcare teams improve diagnostic methods, targeted therapies and advancements in patient care.

What is Anatomical Pathology?

Anatomical pathology is a branch of medicine that studies diseases by examining tissues and organs under a microscope. The science focuses on understanding the changes that occur in the structure of human body cells and tissues when subjected to various diseases or disorders. Anatomical pathologists analyze tissue samples obtained from autopsies, biopsies and surgical procedures to determine the nature, extent and severity of diseases. They use specialized techniques to prepare and stain tissue sections, allowing them to identify abnormal cells, tissue structure and other molecular markers associated with specific diseases.

Anatomical Sciences and Pathology Research at PCOM

PCOM's research in pathology and anatomical sciences are a blend of clinical, translational and basic science investigation. The College's anatomy laboratories at our three locations provide ample opportunities to introduce anatomical and pathological concepts to osteopathic medical students.

Under the guidance of PCOM faculty, student scientists typically analyze tissue specimens and organs for developmental anomalies in the cadavers. The study of cadavers' anatomical and histopathological aspects teach students diagnostic interventions that may prevent and limit disease.

Learn about the College's Body Donor program at PCOM, PCOM Georgia and PCOM South Georgia.

Our Faculty Researchers

PCOM Georgia medical student Samuel Prahlow (DO '24) named Student Researcher of the Year for his anatomical histopathology research projects.

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Prahlow Named Student Researcher of the Year for Pathology Research portrait

Research at PCOM

PCOM aims to develop innovative approaches to promoting health through basic, translational, clinical, behavioral, education and community research projects.