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Library Resources for Researchers
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Resources and Services for Researchers 
PCOM Library

The PCOM Library plays an plays an important role in promoting medical research and scholarly communications. Services include literature searches, study design and research methodology assistance, document delivery, and assistance in preparation of posters and presentations for conferences or publication of papers.

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Services and Resources

The PCOM Library covers author publishing fees for a multitude of open access journals. Publishers include BioMed Central, BMJ Case Reports, PLOS, and SpringerOpen.

Find out more about our open access subscriptions and policies.

Librarians instruct students and faculty on developing effective research questions and critical appraisal skills. They also help search and evaluate literature for evidence to support clinical and community decision-making.

Bibliometrics are used to measure the global impact of research articles through citation analysis. Types of impact measures include PlumX Metrics and the author h-index.

The library can assist you with free enrollment in ORCID to solve author disambiguation, and support the promotion of research and publication activities following best practices.

The library offers REDCap, a HIPAA compliant application to support data capture and surveys for research; and partners with annual research day planning activities. Interdepartmentally, the library works with the Division of Research and the Office of Diversity and Community Relations to advance opportunities for community based student research and clerkship opportunities.

The Library engages with STEM programs in schools and communities. The UPMC HealthChoices Health Education Advisory Committee seeks to advance health literacy efforts amongst seniors and people with disabilities.

We also partner with annual research day planning activities. The Library recently received NIH funding for patient education needs assessment research in community healthcare centers, for promoting access to PCOM family care physicians via ridesharing services and mitigating pandemic relief for students by delivering Internet access via cost-free mobile hotspots.

Health literacy has an influence on positive patient outcomes. The Health Literacy clerkship enables medical students to recognize the impact of health literacy in the clinical environment. The PCOM Library is an integral part of the education of future osteopathic physicians whom will serve rural and medically underserved communities.

Archives and Special Collections preserves institutional records in all formats of the College and the Osteopathic profession.

DigitalCommons@PCOM is a repository which showcases student and faculty research, theses, dissertations and capstone projects.

The Selected Works pages highlight the scholarly output of PCOM faculty members.