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Strengthening Teamwork to Improve Health

Primary Care Research at PCOM

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Primary Care Research

Primary care medicine is an entry point for individuals seeking treatment of undiagnosed ailments and serves as the foundation for ongoing, lifelong health care.

About Primary Care Physicians

Primary care physicians (PCPs) and their allied healthcare professionals educate and counsel their patients to promote health and prevent disease, in addition to delivering comprehensive care for both acute and chronic illnesses in outpatient and inpatient settings.

Coordination and integration of health monitoring and care delivery between PCPs, community-based services and family members is a significant challenge. Empowering and educating individuals to be active participants in their own care is central to maximizing health.

Primary Care Research at PCOM

PCOM's primary care research projects study innovative approaches to constructing and reinforcing partnerships between patients, physicians, students and health insurance providers to improve access and outcomes, as well as reduce disenfranchisement, burnout and cost.

PCOM South Georgia medical student Kaelin DeMuth (DO '23) analyzed the impact of telehealth technologies on standard healthcare practices. He hopes videoconferencing and other online tools can improve primary care health outcomes and reduce patient trips to the ER.

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Can art classes improve medical students' primary care skills? PCOM DO students took part in a series of workshops designed to hone their observation and communication skills by studying artworks at the Barnes collection in Philadelphia.

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Research at PCOM

PCOM aims to develop innovative approaches to promoting health through basic, translational, clinical, behavioral, education and community research projects.