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PCOM's Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

As active citizens in a multicultural world, the PCOM community cultivates an environment of inquiry, inquisitiveness and respect, promotes discovery and celebration of our differences and fosters appreciation of the rich social fabric that binds us together.

About PCOM's Office of Diversity and Community Relations

The Office of Diversity and Community Relations provides the vision, leadership and management to advance PCOM's goals to support a culture of open inquiry, pluralism and mutual respect among students, faculty and staff. The office partners with all campus units to encourage an environment of shared responsibility and ownership for the diversity and inclusion philosophy across our three locations in Pennsylvania and Georgia. The office is committed to promoting programs and initiatives that improve the quality of life in underserved communities.

PCOM Diversity Goals

The Office of Diversity and Community Relations creates and promotes:

  • A climate of inclusion and support.
  • Academic diversity through culturally responsive practices.
  • Access and equity in student recruitment.
  • Access and equity in hiring practices.
  • Community outreach and partnerships.

PCOM Diversity and Community Relations Mission Statement

The Office of Diversity and Community Relations promotes an environment that respects, embraces and fosters an inclusive and vibrant community to further excellence in health equity through education, advocacy and community outreach.

Advancing the PCOM Diversity and Inclusion Mission and Vision

As an institution that educates osteopathic physicians, allied health professionals and behavioral scientists, we have a responsibility to address structural racism and inequities that create and perpetuate healthcare disparities in marginalized communities. Violence or hatred against any person or people—for race, ethnicity, religion or identity—is contrary to the values of this College and our professions. We must not only live by the principles of inclusion, equity and civic engagement, but we must drive them forward in meaningful ways as individuals and as a College.

PCOM’s Office of Diversity and Community Relations stands on the front lines and plays a pivotal role advancing the College’s mission to embed diversity, equity and inclusion in policies, processes and practices. Any institutional and cultural change requires the commitment of all members of the campus community.

In June 2020, the President's Council on Equity, Inclusion and Justice was formed to advance PCOM's commitment to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. The Council has reported accomplishments that align with the PCOM 2025 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan. The strategic plan offers a roadmap for PCOM to advance student, faculty and staff performance as well as excellence in the College’s service to communities.

I am grateful for our collective commitment and shared responsibility to transform our campus culture that brings to bear our diversity and inclusion mission and vision. While we have made forward progress, there’s more to do, and I look forward to seeing what we can achieve together.

Jay S. Feldstein, DO '81
President and Chief Executive Officer

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PCOM Anti-Violence and Discrimination Statement

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine is committed to cultivating an inclusive and diverse community. We hold our students, faculty and staff to high standards that respect and celebrate our differences while fostering appreciation for the qualities we share. As a community of scholars and health professionals, we stand unequivocally against violence or hatred toward any person or people — for race, ethnicity, religion or identity — and discrimination of any kind is contrary to the values of this College and our profession. We not only live by these principles, but we firmly commit to working each and every day, together, to advance them in meaningful ways as a College.

To view more detailed information on Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine’s policies and procedures, including the PCOM General Student Handbook, Student Code of Conduct, Title IX and Discrimination, visit myPCOM.

PCOM Diversity Resources and Information

Nationally Recognized for Excellence in Diversity

Logo for Insight Into Diversity Magazine's Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award (Health Professions School) 2023

PCOM is consistently recognized as a national leader in diversity and inclusion among colleges and universities.

INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, the largest and oldest inclusion publication in higher education:

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, a newsmagazine focusing on matters of access and opportunity in higher education, ranked PCOM as a “Top 100 Degree Producer“ for minority students.

PCOM Diversity inforgraphic highlighting PCOM as a top degree producer for minority students