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Certificate of Graduate Study 
Biomedical Sciences

All students enter the biomedical sciences program as candidates for the MS degree. While the majority of students elect to complete the two-year master’s program or pursue a professional degree, students who successfully complete the foundation (first-year) of the program are eligible to receive a certificate of post-baccalaureate graduate study (CGS) as a terminal award.


The certificate shows the student has completed an integrated biomedical sciences curriculum including courses in anatomy, neuroscience, physiology and other biomedical science disciplines. Successful completion of the Certificate of Graduate Studies indicates the student is able to:

  • demonstrate an advanced understanding of important fundamental concepts of the biomedical sciences (i.e., structure and function of cells and organ systems, etc.).
  • communicate scientific information in written and oral forms.
  • apply information skills to access, synthesize and interpret medical literature.
  • utilize technology to acquire information and solve problems in health sciences.

Visit our concentrations page to learn about the options available to second-year students in the MS in Biomedical Sciences program or view information about our Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant Studies and other professional programs.

Biomedical Sciences Program Highlights

Biomedical sciences students who meet certain criteria may receive a guaranteed interview for PCOM's Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) program. View our admissions information for biomedical sciences candidates to learn about the criteria for conditional acceptance to the DO program.

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Students have access to optional test preparation services designed to improve performance on a number of entrance examinations required by graduate and professional schools.

PCOM offers concentrations including forensic biology, research and more for students pursuing a master of science (MS) degree.