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MS in Biomedical Sciences

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PCOM Biomedical Sciences Program

As a second-year student in the MS in Biomedical Sciences program, you will have the option to customize your degree by selecting a concentration that matches your academic interests and goals.

Concentration options include research, forensic biology and general studies. You must successfully complete​​ the foundation year before beginning concentration coursework.

MS Degree Concentration Options

Biomedical Research

Develop and execute an original research project as a student in the Biomedical Research Concentration. Learn to generate hypotheses, design experiments, analyze data and present results in a way that advances scientific understanding.

Forensic Biology

Learn about the theory and principles of forensic science, apply basic forensic pathology skills and interpret research in forensics and design studies. Graduates of the Forensic Biology Concentration have pursued careers as forensic investigators, legal consultants, accident scene investigators and more.

General Studies Capstone

Enhance your professional credentials and prepare for a career in the biosciences with the General Studies Capstone. As a student in this concentration, you’ll select courses from several biomedical disciplines including: genetics, microbiology, immunology, pharmacology, nutritional biochemistry, physiology as well as other biomedical and preclinical sciences.