Explore Biomedical Sciences Concentrations: Tailor Your MS Degree
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MS in Biomedical Sciences

  • Specialize in groundbreaking research
  • Delve into the intriguing field of forensic biology
  • Enhance your professional credentials
  • Prepare for a rewarding biosciences career

PCOM Biomedical Sciences Program

As a second-year student in the MS in Biomedical Sciences program, you have the opportunity to choose a concentration that matches your academic interests and goals.

  • Biomedical Research: Develop and execute an original research project as a student in the Biomedical Research Concentration (offered at all locations). Learn to generate hypotheses, design experiments, analyze data and present results in a way that advances scientific understanding. 
  • Forensic Biology: Learn about the theory and principles of forensic science, apply basic forensic pathology skills and interpret research in forensics and design studies in the Forensic Biology Concentration (available to students at all locations). Graduates have pursued careers as forensic investigators, legal consultants, accident scene investigators and more. 
  • General Studies Capstone: Enhance your professional credentials and prepare for a career in the biosciences with the General Studies Capstone (offered at PCOM Georgia only). As a student in this concentration, you’ll select courses from several biomedical disciplines including: genetics, microbiology, immunology, pharmacology, nutritional biochemistry, physiology as well as other biomedical and preclinical sciences.
  • Translational Life Sciences: Acquire necessary skills for a biotechnology career and discover how to apply research to practical uses in healthcare and medicine. In the Translational Life Sciences Concentration, you'll develop the essential critical thinking abilities to make informed decisions based on scientific evidence. These decisions can directly enhance patient well-being and contribute to improved healthcare outcomes.

These options allow you to tailor your education to align with your unique passions and aspirations.

Before starting your concentration coursework, you will complete a foundation year that will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in your chosen concentration. Once you have successfully completed the foundation year, you will be ready to engage fully in your selected concentration and embrace the rewarding educational and career opportunities it offers.

Visit our concentration pages to learn more about these exciting options to customize your MS in Biomedical Sciences degree. Have questions? Visit our how to apply page for information about application requirements and the admissions process. You can also view answers to frequently asked questions on our FAQ page. Ready to begin your application? Get started by clicking the button below.


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