One-Year Master’s Program | Biomedical Sciences - Preclinical Sciences
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MS in Biomedical Sciences - Preclinical Sciences

PCOM South Georgia

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MS in Biomedical Sciences - Preclinical Sciences  
One-Year Master's Program

The preclinical sciences one-year master’s program at PCOM South Georgia is an accelerated master’s program designed to prepare students for the rigors of medical school or other professional studies.

Students at our Moultrie, Georgia location attend lectures with medical students as part of a challenging and fast-paced pre-med program. After completing foundational coursework, students meeting the program’s academic success criteria will have the opportunity to advance to a two-course summer term to complete their master’s degree before beginning medical school or pursuing other professional or academic options. Students who do not meet the minimum requirements for the accelerated master’s program will have the option to receive a Certificate of Graduate Study or pursue a concentration as part of the two-year Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences program.

Graduates of the accelerated master’s program will be equipped with a strong academic foundation as well as experience in a medical school learning environment.


Students in the accelerated master’s program complete the Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences foundation year coursework before advancing to a six-credit summer term consisting of two courses:

  • Medical pathology
  • Medical pharmacology

Course offerings and sequence are subject to change. Please consult the course catalog for more information. 

Visit the biomedical sciences program application requirements page to learn about the application process and admissions requirements for the accelerated master’s program.

Visit the DO program admissions information for biomedical sciences candidates page to learn about applying to the osteopathic medicine program as a biomedical sciences student.

PCOM is committed to helping students maximize funding sources and minimize student debt. Visit our Office of Financial Aid section to learn about cost of attendance, types of aid available and how to apply for financial aid.

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What Our Students Say

“I chose the biomedical sciences program to help me better myself as a student prior to starting medical school. Attending medical school while completing the master's program gave me the chance to witness what the life of a medical student is like and gave me the motivation I needed to keep fighting for the goals I set out in college.”

Krupesh Patel, MS/Biomed '22

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Krupesh Patel, MS/Biomed '22 portrait

“The unique curriculum and opportunity to take classes within the DO program made it an easy decision to matriculate into the biomedical sciences program.”

Teighlor Livingston, MS/Biomed '22

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Teighlor Livingston, MS/Biomed '22 portrait

“This program allowed me to attend classes with the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine students and better prepared me for medical school.”

Kylie Parrish, MS/Biomed '22

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Kylie Parrish, MS/Biomed '22 portrait