Why Choose PCOM School of Pharmacy in Georgia? | PharmD Program
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Why Choose PCOM?

Prepare for your career in pharmacy with collaborative coursework, lab studies and more.

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Why Choose PCOM School of Pharmacy?

Where you choose to go to pharmacy school is an important decision. PCOM School of Pharmacy offers students a diverse and dynamic learning environment. Our student-centered program combines a strong patient-centered curriculum with services and programs designed to provide a high quality education and training to prepare graduates for rewarding positions in the healthcare workforce.

Is PCOM School of Pharmacy right for me?

What makes the student experience at PCOM so rewarding? Below are some of the top reasons to consider a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) education at PCOM School of Pharmacy.

1. Strong interprofessional training to prepare for a career in collaborative healthcare

Pharmacists are trained to function cooperatively with healthcare professionals to maximize health outcomes. Pharmacists provide optimal management of medication for chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, hypertension and many others. The collaboration of healthcare professionals, such as physicians and pharmacists, can help to ensure that patients properly take their medications as prescribed and avoid any harmful effects. PCOM School of Pharmacy students receive extensive interprofessional training with medical, physical therapy and nurse practitioner students throughout all four years of the program.

PCOM School of Pharmacy offers several options to customize your education.2. Depth, breadth and quality in experiential education

PCOM prepares students for post-graduate careers through high-quality hands-on pharmacy practice experiences. Our Office of Experiential Education provides students with everything they need from site procurement, student placement, scheduling and point of contact support. PCOM provides over 1,600 hours of experiential training in over 40 different areas of pharmacy practice in the greater Atlanta metro area, across the state of Georgia and other parts of the United States and Puerto Rico.

3. Options to customize your PharmD education

PCOM School of Pharmacy provides students with options to customize their education. Our concentrations in the third professional year of the PharmD program allow students to tailor their elective experiences to their own unique interests by developing a specialized range of expertise and skills in multiple areas of pharmacy practice including medical cannabis, ambulatory care, acute care, managed care and nuclear pharmacy.

4. Dual degree and additional training opportunities to prepare for an evolving workforce

PCOM students and alumni can add to their traditional pharmacy education through enrollment in our dual degree and certificate programs in business administration, pharmaceutical marketing, health informatics and public health. Additional training and education give PCOM graduates an edge in a competitive and dynamic job market.

5. Outstanding teaching laboratories and simulation technology prepare students for clinical experiences

PCOM School of Pharmacy’s modern facilities and educational technology provide students with the opportunity to learn and develop skills on campus so they are well prepared for experiential training. PCOM’s modern teaching laboratories are the perfect educational environment to train students in the practical skills they need to become pharmacists. The PCOM Georgia Simulation Center utilizes standardized patients and human patient simulators so students can practice clinical skills, develop crucial communication abilities, and demonstrate achievement of clinical competence prior to entering fourth-year rotations.

PCOM School of Pharmacy offers collaborative, hands-on instruction.6. A commitment to diversity

As a nationally recognized leader in supporting diversity in higher education, PCOM provides a welcoming and dynamic learning environment that supports and promotes an environment of mutual respect for all members of the campus community.

7. Research opportunities to build knowledge and skills

Basic science and clinical research and scholarship activities are important ways in which students can build upon a curricular knowledge base. PCOM students are actively involved in research, including research electives, work study opportunities and faculty and preceptor projects.

8. Student education and development through a commitment to community service

The PCOM School of Pharmacy mission includes service to our surrounding community. PCOM’s Co-Curricular and Service Learning Programs allow students to extend learning beyond the classroom and into the community at large. These programs are designed for students to develop skills such as leadership, cultural sensitivity, self-awareness, professionalism, innovation and service orientation through a range of educational, direct and indirect patient care events and other general community service events.

9. A PGY-1 residency program to develop strong clinical practitioners

The 12-month PCOM School of Pharmacy Post-Graduate Year 1 (PGY-1) Residency Program prepares residents for careers as clinical pharmacists or in academia. In partnership with WellStar North Fulton, residents will have opportunities to educate other healthcare professionals, patients and students.

10. An immersive learning environment

By creating an interactive learning environment, PCOM School of Pharmacy faculty are helping students retain information, develop critical-thinking skills and prepare for clinical experiences. This immersive learning model of instruction allows instructors to make complicated concepts easier to understand by utilizing real-world, engaging scenarios.

11. A small "family" atmosphere

Our small class sizes provide opportunities for students to engage with our expert faculty. This student-centric, personalized approach creates a "family" atmosphere for our students—a home away from home.

12. Regional health systems partners for our introductory and advanced rotations

At PCOM School of Pharmacy, we have strong partnerships with world-class regional health systems and teaching hospitals including WellStar, Northeast Georgia Health Systems, Emory, Piedmont and Northside Hospital. We also provide students with the opportunity to do some or all of their fourth-year rotations at home.