Mission and Goals
PCOM School of Pharmacy

Vision Statement

We strive to be recognized as a national leader in educating doctors of pharmacy which influence and impact health. The school of pharmacy will be known for our academic excellence and leadership, and our graduates will be highly visible locally and nationally and engaged in advancing the profession of pharmacy.

Mission Statement

PCOM School of Pharmacy (SOP) is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of diverse communities in society by training student learners to become collaborative healthcare team members, advocates and leaders in pharmacy. The SOP achieves its mission through advancement of contemporary pharmacy practice, interprofessional education, patient-centered care, innovative research, a commitment to service, and lifelong personal and professional development.

Metrics of Success

  1. Attraction and recruitment of student learners with the commitment and capability to advance the profession of pharmacy
  2. On-time graduation of students enrolled in the PharmD program
  3. Graduates are employed in the field of their choice immediately upon graduation
  4. Faculty and staff are committed and motivated to the success of PCOM
  5. Continued growth of community partnerships with the capacity for shared contributions in human health and wellness
  6. Evidence of leadership and innovation in the advancement of the pharmacy profession and human health
  7. Graduates are engaged alumni and leaders of the pharmacy profession who would choose PCOM again

Our Goals

Educational Goals

The PCOM School of Pharmacy seeks to prepare generalist, entry-level pharmacists who are able to deliver high-quality pharmaceutical care. The curriculum has been designed to prepare students to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes enabling them to contribute towards the changing healthcare environment. Specific goals of the curriculum are to educate students to:

  • provide population-based and patient-specific pharmaceutical care;
  • manage and use resources of the healthcare system; and
  • promote health improvement, wellness and disease prevention.

Our program incorporates active learning, interdisciplinary education and problem solving skills, affording our students the ability to practice in an ever-changing and lifelong learning profession. Students will also be exposed and encouraged to gain specialized training in residency or fellowship programs to prepare them for careers in other areas such as specialized clinical practice, research, pharmaceutical industry or academia.

Research Goals

All faculty members are expected to engage in scholarship consistent with the School of Pharmacy’s mission and expand the scientific knowledge associated with the practice of pharmacy and medicine. In its didactic and experiential curriculum, the School of Pharmacy seeks to provide exposure to students in many different aspects of pharmacy practice and the pharmaceutical sciences, including clinical and basic research. Students will be instructed on the use of research in establishing evidence-based medicine and exposed to critical evaluation of clinical research publications.


Service and Practice Goals

One of the School of Pharmacy’s goals is to attract students from Georgia and the Southeast region to help reduce the shortage of readily accessible health care providers in this region. Given pharmacists are in a unique position to assist in the care of medically underserved patients and collaborate with physicians and other healthcare providers to expand the scope of pharmacy practice, our students will be trained to perform duties as a key member of the healthcare team, provide cost-effective health care and improve patients’ quality of life.