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Service Learning and Co-Curricular Programs 
For Students

PCOM School of Pharmacy's (SOP) Service Learning Program and Co-Curricular Program are designed to actively engage students in service and educational activities.

These programs promote individual development, the school's mission, lifelong learning and service to local communities.


Service Learning Program

All PCOM SOP students are required to participate in service learning while enrolled in the Doctor of Pharmacy program.


The SOP requires each PharmD student complete a minimum of 45 service hours by the completion of the third professional year.

Some community service activities are required as part of the curriculum. Although these activities are required, students have the option of submitting approval of the time spent at these activities.

All 45 hours of service and the aforementioned required activities must be accomplished in order for students to qualify for a degree and to graduate from the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program. Participation in the program often requires students to complete service hours after school hours, on weekends and/or holidays in order to fulfill their requirement. Completion of all service hours will be tracked by the SOP.

Co-Curricular Program


Student professional development includes learning experiences contained within the didactic, experiential and interprofessional curricula to meet these expectations and standards. Student performance in these experiences is documented for achievement of professionalism outcomes of the program. In addition to curricular experiences, PCOM students will be expected to supplement and achieve competency in the affective domain related outcomes through involvement in co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities (CCAs) are intentionally developed by the school, student organizations or individuals outside of the curriculum and can be used to document competency in the affective domain elements.


PCOM students will be required to complete required or elective pre-approved co-curricular experiences each year in the PharmD program.

In order to achieve competency in affective domain outcomes, the SOP has developed co-curricular activities and learning strategies linked to the school's key standards: self-awareness, leadership, innovation/entrepreneurship, professionalism, cultural sensitivity, education, advocacy and communication.

Students must complete a total of 15 co-curricular activities before entering the fourth professional year:

  • First professional year: 4 CCAs (two required and two elective)
  • Second professional year: 5 CCAs (three required and two elective)
  • Third professional year: 5 CCAs (three required and two elective)
  • Students must also attend one (1) local, state, national or international professional pharmacy meeting during the first three years.
Evaluations and feedback

Students must complete the activity (minimum of one hour) and submit a guided reflection for required and elective co-curricular activities each professional year according to the above schedule.

As part of continuous professional development and documentation of learning, each student must meet with their faculty advisor twice per term to discuss their professional development and receive feedback on completed co-curricular activities.