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Nuclear Pharmacy Concentration

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

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Nuclear Pharmacy Concentration 
Become a Nuclear Pharmacist

Nuclear pharmacists promote public health through the safe and effective use of radioactive drugs for both diagnosis and therapy. The Nuclear Pharmacy Concentration includes five (5) credit hours in didactic and experiential elective coursework in topics relevant to careers in nuclear pharmacy.


How do I become a nuclear pharmacist?

Requirements for licensure as a nuclear pharmacist vary by state, but graduates who complete the Nuclear Pharmacy Concentration may use some of the time and/or credit to pursue additional training and certification in order to become a licensed nuclear pharmacist as well as a Board Certified Nuclear Pharmacist (BCNP).

Upon completion of the Nuclear Pharmacy Concentration, students will:

  • be knowledgeable regarding ordering, receiving, storing and controlling the inventory of radioactive drugs (radiopharmaceuticals), other drugs used in nuclear medicine, and related supplies.
  • have experience preparing radiopharmaceuticals by combining radioisotopes with reagent kits and compounding non-commercially available radiopharmaceuticals.
  • be capable of performing functional checks of instruments, equipment and devices.
  • be able to assess radiopharmaceutical quality and purity.
  • understand proper packaging, labeling, and transportation of radiopharmaceuticals.
  • know how to properly handle hazardous chemicals and biological specimens.
  • be able to effectively communicate radiopharmaceutical-related information to others.

What is a nuclear pharmacist?

A nuclear pharmacist specializes in procuring, preparing, compounding, dispensing and distributing the radiopharmaceuticals used in diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Within the healthcare team, the nuclear pharmacist is the medication expert regarding clinical aspects of radiopharmaceuticals and the non-radioactive drugs used in patient care.

See "What is Nuclear Pharmacy?" for more information.

What courses will I take for the Nuclear Pharmacy Concentration?

The Nuclear Pharmacy Concentration requires the completion of one (1) credit of didactic elective coursework specifically in nuclear pharmacy. In addition, students will complete one (1) four-credit Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) elective in nuclear pharmacy.