What Jobs Can You Get With a Biomedical Science Degree?
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What Jobs Can You Get With a Biomedical Science Degree?

October 11, 2022

Jobs for biomedical science majors exist in a variety of areas. While many students will use the biomedical science skills they acquire to pursue a medical degree or other professional degree, some will apply their skills as scientists, researchers, educators and more. Biomedical science majors develop an array of skills which can position them for success in the public and private sectors.

Biomedical Science Jobs

Biomedical science students in lab coats are shown inside the biomedical sciences lab at PCOM Georgia.Biomedical science degrees, such as PCOM’s MS in Biomedical Sciences program, feature rigorous coursework including human anatomy, histology, physiology, medical pharmacology, neurosciences and more. This coursework helps students understand fundamental concepts of biomedical sciences. Students also learn to access and interpret data, solve complex problems and communicate scientific information. The knowledge and skills gained through these graduate-level studies can be applied to various biomedical science jobs.

Jobs for Biomedical Science Majors
  1. Research and development - Research skills are a vital component of PCOM’s Biomedical Sciences Program. Students in the Biomedical Research Concentration will develop advanced skills in planning and executing complex research projects.
  2. Forensic scientist - The ability to analyze evidence, prepare accurate reports and expertly communicate complex information are essential skills for forensic scientists. The Forensic Biology Concentration combines biomedical science and forensic medicine to prepare graduates for various investigative and scientific positions.
  3. Clinical research coordinators - The duties of a clinical research coordinator include managing clinical trials, monitoring research and maintaining detailed records. Clinical research coordinators must have exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills.
  4. Pharmaceutical or medical sales - This highly competitive field requires exceptional people skills, a broad base of scientific knowledge, the ability to explain complex concepts in easy-to-understand terms and a drive to succeed.
  5. Epidemiology - Epidemiologists must have excellent communication and research skills. They must also be able to think critically and be very detail oriented. These skills are part of the core competencies of PCOM’s MS in Biomedical Sciences program.
  6. Environmental scientists - Research, data collection, analysis and reporting are important skills for environmental scientists. Individuals in this career field apply their skills to protecting the environment and human health.
  7. Teaching - While professors who work for colleges and universities typically need a doctorate, a master’s degree in biomedical science can be a pathway to teaching positions at the undergraduate, community college and high school levels. Additional educational courses and certifications may be necessary for teaching at the secondary education level.
  8. Scientific writing - The ability to understand and interpret scientific material is a key skill for a scientific writer. These professionals may report on scientific news or discoveries with the goal of educating a broad audience and advancing scientific knowledge.

These are just a few of the jobs a degree in biomedical science can prepare you to pursue. For more information about PCOM’s Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences program, visit our application requirements page, review our frequently asked questions or request additional information.


What Our Students Say

“The opportunity to learn about so many different fields of health care through coursework, research opportunities, clubs and networking was very attractive.”

Jaclyn Zibman, MS/Biomed ’22

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Jaclyn Zibman, MS/Biomed ’22 portrait

“I want to equip myself with as much information and as many skills as possible so there will be a greater chance to impact the world with meaningful projects."

Anna Staskiewicz, MS/Biomed '22

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Anna Staskiewicz, MS/Biomed '22 portrait