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PCOM 2025

Path to Greater Excellence

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PCOM 2025: Path to Greater Excellence

PCOM 2025 vision: Transforming health professions education by integrating human connection with innovation and research.

Beginning in February 2019, the College began a transparent and collaborative planning process. This multi-stage undertaking was guided by a 20-person steering committee and included focused interviews with internal stakeholders, a forum with external partners, and an 80-person retreat to review, discuss, and determine PCOM’s path forward. The result is a comprehensive strategic plan with quantifiable metrics, clear lines of responsibility, and opportunities to flex.

PCOM 2025 Plan Goals

  • Student Success: PCOM graduates are successfully positioned for a competitive marketplace and are leaders in interprofessional team environments.
  • Securing Clinical Experiences: PCOM has a sustainable network of valuable clinical experiences for students in all programs.
  • Innovation and Technology: PCOM fosters a culture of technological innovation both in pedagogy and in practice.
  • Organization and Infrastructure: PCOM optimizes processes and organizational structure so its people thrive in a changing environment.
  • Revenue Stream Diversification: PCOM creates and sustains diverse sources of revenue through a multi-pronged approach.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: PCOM embeds diversity, equity and inclusion in its curriculum, policies, processes and practices to advance student, faculty and staff performance and excellence in service to communities.