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Physical Therapy Education Center 
Doctor of Physical Therapy Training at PCOM Georgia

The Physical Therapy Education Center at PCOM Georgia is a modern, 12,000-square-foot facility dedicated to training doctors of physical therapy (DPT).

The center, located on our Suwanee, Georgia campus, houses multiple laboratories and classrooms as well as state-of-the-art physical therapy equipment. Our learning spaces will equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to work in a variety of care settings including hospitals, schools and sports organizations.

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The neuromusculoskeletal lab is set up much like a typical physical therapy clinic. It provides the opportunity for students to learn many of the basic skills necessary to manage patients with musculoskeletal and neurological problems. Parallel bars and a convertible stair case provide students with the opportunity to practice teaching patients basic and advanced walking skills. Weights, elastic resistance bands and exercise balls allow students to instruct patients in exercises to increase strength. Various modalities (e.g., hot and cold packs, traction, etc.) are available for managing a variety of conditions.

A photo of the Neuro-Musculoskeletal Lab and PT equipment at PCOM Georgia.

The cardiopulmonary lab was designed and equipped to allow students to learn how to perform testing and treatment of the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. Bicycle ergometers and treadmills support this instruction and can also be utilized for research purposes.

One of the treadmills, a Biodex Gait Trainer™, provides both auditory and visual feedback to help patients learn to walk more normally. An unweighting system can be used to decrease the amount of weight that the patient has to bear during walking activities. This treadmill is also equipped with a music therapy module that was designed to help patients with Parkinson's Disease improve their walking.

Other equipment in the lab allows for testing and treating patients with balance and walking disturbances. A full battery of tests for balance can be performed using the Bertec computerized system. This system also provides treatment protocols for improving balance. In addition, a 16-foot walkway and specialized software can be utilized to measure, assess and analyze any condition affecting walking or balance. Both of these systems can also be utilized for testing and treating patients at locations off campus.

A photo of the Cardio-Physio Lab at PCOM Georgia in Suwanee

The PT department has two large 40-seat instructional classrooms. The classrooms double as teaching labs and are furnished with adjustable treatment tables, allowing for seamless movement from classroom to lab. This facilitates application of knowledge and skills in the practice of physical therapy. All furniture is movable, allowing for flexibility in room use.

Each classroom/lab is equipped with technology in support of teaching. The ability to demonstrate manual skills is enhanced through the use of an overhead, moveable demonstration camera that can be controlled from the technology console. Images from this camera can be projected to multiple monitors and a projection screen to allow students to observe demonstrations.

A photo of one of the two PT classrooms at PCOM Georgia's Physical Therapy Education Center

In addition to the classroom and labs, which are available 24/7 for use by students, a small conference room and several individual study "pods" are provided. The individual study pods provide power for devices, a desk surface and a study lamp. The conference room is set up to handle small groups of students for meetings or group work.

Study pods and seating in a study lounge at PCOM Georgia

Students have access to gender-specific locker rooms and showers. Although intended primarily for student use, the showers can also be utilized to teach transfers between the shower and wheelchair using real and simulated patients.

Locker rooms at PCOM Georgia's Physical Therapy Education Center

Physical therapy students have access to the Simulation Center to practice skills using standardized patients.

Students also utilize the cadaver lab to learn applied anatomy.

The DPT program’s location at PCOM Georgia gives students opportunities for interaction with other healthcare professionals. This helps to develop the collaborative approach needed to advise and consult with healthcare providers in the field.