School Facilities | PCOM South Georgia in Moultrie, GA
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PCOM South Georgia

PCOM South Georgia is located on 31 acres off Tallokas Road in Moultrie, Georgia. The 75,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility includes classrooms, an anatomy lab, an Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) lab, simulation center, small group study rooms, information commons and a café.


Front view of PCOM South Georgia's medical and grad school building

The wings of the building surround the Jeter Courtyard.

The building, shaped like an asymmetric “K”, has four distinct wings stretching outward from a central common space that serves as the Colquitt Regional Connector lobby and social space. On the north side of the building, at the public entry point, the wings of the building frame the Jeter Courtyard, which is designed to feature native wildflowers and plantings.

PCOM South Georgia medical school front lobby

The Colquitt Regional Connector lobby features views of the surrounding landscape and provides a space for socialization and collaboration.

Inside the building, the Colquitt Regional Connector lobby affords expansive views of the surrounding landscape while creating a space of connection and collaboration for students, faculty, researchers and the public. Outside, a large covered porch provides a shaded area to study, socialize and relax.

PCOM South Georgia grad school classroom

Educational spaces include four large classrooms with abundant natural lighting and flexible configuration options.

The natural setting of the building offers students a unique and relaxing environment. The building materials and features further complement this sense of serenity and calm. Natural wood was used on the building exterior and in the interior. Large windows and roof lanterns harvest daylight and special care was taken to provide a sophisticated acoustic environment throughout the building to allow for quiet study and active engagement as appropriate.

PCOM South Georgia medical school study lounge

Open spaces and natural lighting create an inviting, welcoming environment.

The educational spaces include four large classrooms featuring natural daylight and the flexibility to accommodate different uses and styles of teaching. In addition to the modern OMM lab and anatomy lab, the building features an advanced simulation center with various exam rooms, full-body mannequins and modern medical equipment.

Mannequins, hospital beds and medical equipment in the birthing area of the Simulation Center

The Simulation Center provides students with opportunities to practice diagnosis and treatment techniques prior to caring for real patients.