The Prescription for Success: Pharmacy Students Join PCOM Podcast
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The Prescription for Success 
PCOM Perspectives Podcast

May 7, 2024

President and CEO Jay S. Feldstein, DO '81, was joined recently by Makeda Lovelace (PharmD '25) and Andrew Wilson (PharmD '24). On the PCOM Perspectives podcast, they discuss the balance of being devoted students while making time to nurture other commitments and passions. Plus, they share more about what makes PCOM Georgia stand out as a truly one-of-a-kind campus.

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Amidst ongoing discussions surrounding the shortage of pharmacists and its profound impact on the healthcare industry, current pharmacy students find themselves in a unique position.

At PCOM Georgia, Makeda Lovelace and Andrew Wilson are not only excited about attaining their degrees but looking forward to using their diverse backgrounds to make a difference.

Professional headshot photograph of PCOM Georgia pharmacy student Makeda Lovelace (PharmD '25) in her student physician white coat“I'm like the Farmers Insurance commercial. I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two,” said Lovelace with a chuckle. 

Prior to attending PCOM Georgia, Lovelace spent 17 years in the Air Force Reserves. With professional experience as an EMT-B and pharmacy technician, she’s happy to share what she’s learned in her career with others.

“My classmates tend to accept my wisdom because I've seen a lot,” she said. “But I can also rely on them for the things I don't know.”

During the podcast, Wilson, who was named Student of the Year by the Georgia Pharmacy Association (GPhA) in 2023, explained more about his leadership experiences on and off campus.

“Sometimes as a leader, you get stuck on the things that didn't go well or the things that fell through the cracks, so it's nice to reflect on some of the things that went right,” said Wilson. “Meeting people from different walks of life who want to do pharmacy has been critical to where I've come as a leader, and they've shaped my overall experience at PCOM Georgia as well.” 

Headshot photograph of PCOM Georgia pharmacy student Andrew Wilson (PharmD '24) in his student physician white coatBoth students talked about the sense of community on PCOM Georgia's campus and how that support has carried them through the years.

“Everybody feels like family. Amongst our classmates, we refer to ourselves as ‘pharmaly’,” said Lovelace. “We genuinely take care of each other; we care about each other's success; we celebrate each other's accomplishments; and we console each other when we don't do so well.”

Dr. Feldstein expanded on the pharmacist shortage by discussing how PCOM Georgia is staying competitive.

“The industry has been challenged from a shortage standpoint because the business model changed so drastically in the last several years. I think one of the things we've done to be competitive is to say there's more to being a pharmacist than working in a retail pharmacy,” said Dr. Feldstein. 

“We're trying to design a curriculum and experience that allows our students to really see there's a giant world out there for PharmDs and all they have to do is take advantage of it.”

To hear the full conversation or listen to past episodes of PCOM Perspectives, visit Spotify, Soundcloud or the Office of the President.

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