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Shaping the Future of Health

PCOM South Georgia

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PCOM South Georgia

For more than a century, PCOM has provided high-quality, hands-on training in osteopathic medicine. As the field of medicine has changed, we’ve changed with it—adapting our program offerings to better meet the needs of healthcare providers and the communities they serve. 

Our new location in South Georgia, provides the same educational excellence that has made PCOM a national leader in osteopathic medical training and a respected force in our other professional and graduate program offerings.

Moultrie has really opened its doors to our new campus and is welcoming us with open arms. I believe our students will find this city to be very livable and enjoy their time here. There is a sense among many long time residents of Moultrie that the campus will help to transform the area, and I think it will. - Sebastian Egberts, anatomy instructor

PCOM South Georgia offers programs in osteopathic medicine (DO) and biomedical sciences (MS, accelerated MS and certificate of graduate study).