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Cole DeMott, MS/Biomed '23 
MS in Biomedical Sciences

May 22, 2023

Cole DeMott, MS '23Cole DeMott remembers watching the PCOM South Georgia campus under construction leading up to its opening in the fall of 2019.

“Being from Moultrie, I can remember when PCOM announced it was building a campus in South Georgia,” he said. “The Moultrie community, in true Southern fashion, quickly came together to make sure the new PCOM students and faculty members were welcomed to our small rural town. Businesses all across the county hung signs reading ‘Welcome PCOM’ in their shops in support of this initiative…Seeing PCOM South Georgia grow and how it has positively impacted the healthcare infrastructure and community of Moultrie has been a gratifying experience to watch.”

DeMott has done more than just watch. He’s also participated as a student. On May 25, he’ll graduate from PCOM South Georgia with a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences.

“I initially chose PCOM South Georgia because it was close to home and offered everything I needed to further my education,” he said. “After starting, I quickly realized I made the right choice. The small class sizes and close-knit community at PCOM South Georgia have made this school feel like home to me. This was a big change for me since I was coming from a large university where a sense of community was difficult to find.”

The inspiration to pursue a career in healthcare came when DeMott fractured his femur as a child.

“I found myself at the mercy of many healthcare professionals—doctors, nurses, physical therapists—you name it,” he said. “I saw first-hand how these healthcare professionals were able to provide compassionate care and support when I was most vulnerable. Through this experience, I knew that I wanted to one day affect the same kind of change in others’ lives through a career in healthcare, even if I didn't know in what capacity yet.”

After graduating from Colquitt County High School, DeMott went on to the University of Georgia in Athens, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biological science and a minor in public health. While an undergrad, he shadowed healthcare professionals at Colquitt Regional Medical Center in an effort to decide on a career path. That’s when he realized that he wanted to be a physician.

“I chose the biomedical sciences program to further build upon my biology and public health foundation from college,” DeMott said. “I felt this program offered the curriculum and opportunity to help guide my path to medical school. Specifically, the integration with medical students and the opportunity to see what it takes to succeed in a medical school environment was so appealing to me.”

As a PCOM South Georgia student, he served as a student ambassador and as class chair for the biomedical sciences program.

“I love sharing my experience as a student at PCOM South Georgia and helping prospective students understand why I love my school and am so glad I chose PCOM South Georgia,” DeMott said. “Being on a fairly new campus, the ability to affect change and lay the foundation for future students is something I have enjoyed. As class chair, I have been able to collaborate and develop lasting relationships with students and faculty across both degree programs.”

For future PCOM South Georgia students, he offers this advice.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether it be from another student, a professor or a physician in the community,” DeMott said. “I have found that most people are willing and glad to help you get to where you need to be and achieve your goals. Venture out of your comfort zone. You’ll find that you grow most when you do things that might seem uncomfortable.”

He plans to further his education at a medical school. DeMott said he plans to practice medicine in South Georgia.

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