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Simulation Center

PCOM South Georgia

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Simulation Center 
PCOM South Georgia

The Simulation Center at PCOM South Georgia allows graduate and medical students to develop essential skills in clinical practice, patient care, surgery and more.

The brand new facility provides students with opportunities to practice diagnosis and treatment techniques prior to caring for real patients. Advanced patient mannequins, virtual simulations and standardized patients provide varied, dynamic training situations. Every session can be recorded and reviewed by students, faculty and staff, contributing to a supportive learning environment.


Center Details

Patient Care

The patient area houses six exam rooms and five acute care rooms.

In the exam rooms, medical students learn about doctor-patient encounters through the use of standardized patients. During mock exams, students take a patient’s history, performs appropriate physical examinations and provide a corresponding assessment and plan.

Standardized patients are trained actors that allow students to practice their clinical, diagnostic and humanistic skills. Standardized patients provide medical students with constructive feedback based on clinical performance.

Each exam room contains equipment and supplies students can expect to find in actual practices. Each room is also equipped with adjustable osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM) tables.

Acute care rooms are used for numerous clinical simulation exercises.

Patient exam room at the PCOM South Georgia Simulation Center

Simulated Patients

The Simulation Center uses several full-body, high fidelity mannequins to simulate adult, child and infant patients.

Patient mannequins react to various external stimuli including light and medications. The simulated patients have reactive heartbeats, pulses and pupils. They can also breathe, talk and mimic human responses to various medical procedures such as CPR, intubation and more.

Student working on an adult patient mannequin in the PCOM South Georgia Simulation Center

Maternity and Pediatrics

The Center houses birthing simulators and labor/delivery mannequins designed to teach the entire birthing experience as well as medical care for both the mother and infant.

Mother and baby mannequins within the maternity area at the PCOM South Georgia Simulation Center


The simulated operating room is equipped with a surgery table as well as various instruments and equipment. The 3D trauma simulator also provides students with the opportunity to perform numerous surgeries. Virtual reality headsets enable students to explore and talk through simulated scenarios and cases.

Operating table, monitors, tables and equipment in the simulated operating room at PCOM South Georgia

Feedback and Review

Each room in the Simulation Center is equipped with multiple cameras and microphones. The control room allows faculty and staff to manage, monitor, record and evaluate each simulation and exam. Rooms are also equipped with televisions for projecting test results to students.

Two debriefing rooms enable faculty and students to discuss the cases after scenarios are completed. The write-up area includes six Microsoft Surface touchscreen computers for medical students to complete subjective, objective, assessment and plan (SOAP) notes.

Mobile Medical Simulation Lab

The mobile simulation lab is a teaching tool for trauma and pre-hospital care. The vehicle resembles an ambulance and houses modern emergency equipment including stretchers, splints, vital monitors and more. In addition, patient mannequins and other instruments found in the Simulation Center can be moved into the vehicle.

Emergency simulations are conducted inside and around the mobile lab. Students and guests can practice a variety of scenarios including cardiac arrest, overdoses, childbirth, bone fractures and various other injuries.

The mobile lab is used to teach both PCOM Georgia and PCOM South Georgia students when it makes trips between Suwanee and Moultrie. It is also used during community education events or numerous Trauma Days held in conjunction with area institutions and emergency responder units.

Side view of the mobile education simulation lab ambulance in the PCOM South Georgia parking lot