Will Brewster, DO '23 | PCOM South Georgia Graduate Profile
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Will Brewster, DO ’23 
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

May 12, 2023

Will Brewster, DO ’23 professional headshotWill Brewster, DO '23, was a high school sophomore when he realized that he wanted to pursue a career in health care. At 15, he won the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Cross Country National Championship just before badly breaking his leg during a basketball game. The first physician he saw told him that his competitive running career was over. That news was devastating.

Then Brewster and his parents sought a second opinion.

“Our new doctor was so encouraging and motivating,” Brewster explained. “With his help, I returned to the sport I loved. Even at that age, I remember thinking, ‘Hopefully, I can have the same impact on others one day.’”

On May 25 Brewster will graduate from PCOM South Georgia with the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree program. He was also recently named a 2023 recipient of the Mason W. Presley Memorial Medal for PCOM South Georgia. This award is presented to a student for outstanding achievement and service to the College, the community and the osteopathic profession. Representatives from across the College select each year’s recipients.

“I chose the DO program specifically because I wanted the highest level of difficulty,” Brewster said. “I wanted something that would push my limits. Further, I wanted a program that would turn me into a well-rounded physician with a wholistic approach to medicine and an adequate amount of hands-on training.”

After graduation, Brewster will begin a residency in emergency medicine at the University of Kentucky Medical Center.

“I and have no idea what will happen after that,” he said. “Hopefully I will be in an environment that constantly challenges me as a physician and makes me a better person. I have always been taught to grow where I am planted, no matter where that may be.”

Brewster grew up in Grayslake, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, and graduated from Grayslake Central High School. He began undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois, where he ran cross country/track and studied biology and Spanish. Brewster then transferred to Davidson College, where he continued to compete in cross country/track and from where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology.

Will Brewster, DO ’23 professional headshotAfter earning his undergraduate degree, Brewster signed a professional running contract with Asics GTC Elite. His ultra/trail racing sponsorships included Second City Track Club/New Balance Chicago, Rabbit Elite and Honey Stinger. He also trained for and passed the Navy SEAL physical screening test.

When Brewster arrived in Moultrie in 2019 as part of the first class of DO students at the newly opened PCOM South Georgia, he had no connection to the area and did not know what to expect.

“Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing,” he said. “I loved my time at PCOM South Georgia in Moultrie and will forever cherish all the incredible relationships and memories I made here. Colquitt County quickly became a second home to me, and I will never rule out moving back one day. I would highly recommend this school, specifically the South Georgia campus, to anyone pursuing a career as a physician.”

While a student, Brewster also ran in local 5K, 10K and half-marathon races; volunteered on the sidelines at the Colquitt County Packers football games; and played pickleball with his classmates. He also had the opportunity to get to know many people in Moultrie and at Colquitt Regional Medical Center.

For future PCOM South Georgia students, Brewster offers some words of wisdom.

“Everyone wants to be successful, but so many students are too scared of failure,” he said. “I have found that failure is how you grow, how you learn, and how you ultimately succeed. When a preceptor asks you to do something, just say ‘yes,’ even if you have never done it before. Say ‘yes’ to every opportunity, volunteer for everything, and put yourself in uncomfortable situations over and over again. These are the moments that will be the hardest, but will also produce the most growth and learning. As a student, no one is going to let you do anything catastrophic that will compromise patient care, so just send it! Be humble, be respectful, be coachable, and don't be afraid of failure.”

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