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Neuro-Behavioral Science Concentration

MS in Biomedical Sciences

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Neuro-Behavioral Science Concentration
MS in Biomedical Sciences

The Neuro-Behavioral Science Concentration provides interdisciplinary exposure to the application of neuroscience and the relationships between the brain and behavior.

Students will explore topics including the mind-brain-body connection, stress, socialization, behavior neurogenesis and learning, therapy, insight, emotion and motivation.


Program Objectives

Students pursuing a concentration in neuro-behavioral science will:

  • demonstrate interdisciplinary knowledge of therapeutic and behavioral interventions and the brain.
  • understand scientific method, data analysis and empirical inquiry.
  • demonstrate advanced knowledge of neurological aspects of behavior and the contribution of neuroscience to interventions.
  • apply advanced skills to access, synthesize and interpret relevant literature.
  • implement a capstone project focused on the application of neuroscience to a topic of interest.
  • show proficiency in written and oral communication of the application of neuroscience.


After completing foundation year coursework, students may progress to the second-year degree concentration.


Interested in learning more about the General Studies (Capstone) concentration? Please contact:

Marcus Bell, PhD
Director, Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences