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MS in Applied Behavior Analysis


  • Delivered in hybrid format
  • Small student to faculty ratios
  • Supportive mentoring from expert faculty
  • Commitment to increasing DEI

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Applied Behavior Analysis Program 
MS in ABA Degree

The MS in Applied Behavior Analysis program provides a strong foundation in applied behavior analysis—and seeks to bring the best of the discipline and practice of psychology and behavior analysis to understanding and enhancing the development of all children, and helping them meet their individualized needs.

  • Small faculty to student ratios ensure personalized learning experiences.
  • Faculty possess extensive applied experience, enriching student learning.
  • Mentoring and support are provided in coursework, experiential learning and career counseling.
  • Faculty actively engage in current field issues, encouraging student involvement in service, research and professional development.
  • The program prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the curriculum and aims to foster clinicians committed to DEI in service provision.

The ABA degree program, delivered in hybrid form, is committed to training future behavior analysts who are thoroughly prepared for service and practice in the 21st century and offers a holistic and integrated view of health care—one that treats the whole person and provides the opportunity to consult and collaborate with students from other medical-related disciplines. The program is also dedicated to preparing students to promote social justice through culturally responsive practice and advocacy to ensure equity for all children.

What Our Students Say

“PCOM's ABA program is unique because it's a one-year program, the only one of its kind in the area; which allowed me to get out into the field as soon as possible and work with clients.”

Sophia Raff

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The MS in Applied Behavior Analysis program is designed to provide individuals with comprehensive behavioral assessment, consultation and intervention skills. Our coursework, approximately 50 percent of which is offered online, is focused on supporting the needs of children with neurodevelopmental and behavioral disabilities—and their families—in settings including in school, home, community, and residential settings.

Our ABA courses are taught by expert faculty who are board-certified behavior analysts and psychologists with extensive applied clinical experience. Additionally, these courses are offered within a dynamic medical school environment which offers opportunities for interprofessional education and collaboration. The program provides supervised field experience, research experience and faculty mentorship.


The fieldwork experience provides students with the opportunity to integrate knowledge and skills learned through coursework. Students will complete the ABA practicum that begins in fall and ends in spring and will coordinate with the director and other faculty to find a placement and accrue supervised field experience that may count towards Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®) supervised field experience (if the specific requirements of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board® - BACB® are met by the placement).

BACB Certification Requirements

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board requires all students to complete supervised field experience, please refer to for details.

Students can earn these hours while working and can begin accruing hours from day one of starting the master’s program. Many students in the program earn their hours while they work and are enrolled in the program.

To earn certification, students must earn a graduate degree—completing required coursework—while also completing experience in line with current experience standards. Finally, each student must take and pass the required examination.

For more information regarding the supervised field experience requirement, visit the Behavior Analyst Certification Board website.

Visit the ABA degree program application requirements page for details regarding admissions requirements and the application process.

PCOM is committed to helping students maximize funding sources and minimize student debt. Visit our Office of Financial Aid section to learn about cost of attendance, types of aid available and how to apply for financial aid.

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For more information, please contact:

PCOM Office of Admissions
Phone: 215-871-6700 | Fax: 215-872-6719

Interested in learning more about the field of ABA and potential careers? Please visit the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) and Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) websites. To learn about some of the most common applications of behavior analysis, see the Behavior Analyst Certification Board video page and the ABAI Special Interest Group lists.