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MS in Applied Positive Psychology

Online MAPP Program

  • Develop practical skills for positive impact
  • Learn to help people and organizations thrive
  • Enjoy the benefits of online, collaborative learning

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Master of Applied Positive Psychology 
Online MAPP Program

Become a powerful positive change force in communities, schools, clinics, businesses and leadership around the world as a graduate of PCOM’s online Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program.

  • Offered entirely online for maximum flexibility.
  • Can be completed in 10 months (August to May).
  • Designed to create thought leaders in the field of positive psychology.
  • Features faculty who are experts in the fields of positive psychology and health psychology.
  • Prepares students to pursue doctoral studies in psychology.

Our program teaches practical skills in motivational interviewing, mindfulness, psychoeducation, and group facilitation and gives students the tools to deliver evidence-based positive psychology approaches to individuals, groups, organizations, and communities. The program also provides hands-on experience with a practicum in A Happier You and the Health Support Program.

In whatever role you choose to pursue, you will be able to leverage the knowledge, skills and attitudes of an outlook rooted in seeing the best in yourself and others. We are focused on creating a workforce of the future that is well-equipped with practical approaches to fostering compassion, kindness, love, and achievement on a regional, national and global scale.

What Our Students Say

"Everyone's very supportive and inclusive, and it just feels like a very organic environment. I've changed so much throughout this program already and I can even start recognizing what are my strengths, what are my passions, and really being able to just foster those connections that are truly important to me."

Katelyn Dory

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Katelyn Dory portrait

"[The MAPP Program] has helped me to gain a better understanding of myself and my clients and it has given me tools to use to help my clients better as well."

Michelle Savoie

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Michelle Savoie portrait

“Not only is this program filled with knowledgeable and compassionate professors who demonstrate consideration and expertise in their teachings but it also provides hands-on engagement with the cohort and learning opportunities with community members.”

Anxhela Kalia

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Anxhela Kalia portrait

“There is such connectedness, joy, kindness, and warmth within the MAPP program among the staff and students at PCOM that I have often forgotten I’m in a virtual classroom.”

Tai Dorvil

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“I am excited to put my MAPP skills to work, guiding others to see their strengths and positive abilities so that they can make the changes they desire, moving them toward their authentic happiness.”

Michael Hall

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“My experience with the MAPP program was illuminating. I was able to better understand myself and how I can utilize my strengths to serve others and also build a sense of confidence in self-efficacy in those around me.”

Casey Wilson

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“I have become aware of my strengths and how they can help me achieve my goals, both personally and professionally. My experiences in this program have made me confident and excited about the future."

Nicole Parisi

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“Our cohort has been one of the most stimulating elements of the program as everyone brings something unique to the table and they all are incredibly supportive and have so much to offer."

Linda Martin

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“I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend this program … Not only does it offer academic excellence, but also a community that supports your personal and professional growth and development in positive psychology.”

Dina Ramadan

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When we consider the importance of the mind-body connection and holistic views on well-being, PCOM is the ideal institution with its osteopathic tradition to offer a positive psychology degree as our programs prioritize expertise in whole person wellness. The online Master of Applied Positive Psychology program provides educational and training options for students interested in grounding themselves academically and practically in a positive psychology-based orientation to helping others. The program also prepares students to pursue doctoral studies in psychology. Visit our frequently asked questions page to learn more about the MAPP program.


Please Note: Due to international regulations, and restrictions by the State of California, foreign national/international candidates and California residents are not eligible to enroll in PCOM online programs.

The fully online applied positive psychology program provides foundational knowledge in the areas of positive psychology, clinical health psychology and health behavior change, with a primary emphasis on positive psychology.

Upon completion of the online Master of Applied Positive Psychology program, students will:

  • have skills in motivational interviewing and mindfulness.
  • be able to apply positive psychology interventions that include a focus on personal strengths, gratitude, kindness, purpose and love.
  • have honed their scholarly writing skills and feel more confident in developing a research-based project in applied positive psychology.
  • be prepared to think about positive change from a biopsychosocial perspective that includes insight into key motivational principles that are important to healthy lifestyles.

The Master of Applied Positive Psychology program prepares students with the attitude, knowledge, and skill set to apply a culturally sensitive, strengths-based “human flourishing” model to enhance wellness, life satisfaction, and optimal functioning among individuals, families, communities, and organizations. The MAPP program blends positive psychological theory, research, and applied approaches in the areas of health behavior change, human development, education, and leadership. A particular emphasis falls on exploring innovative whole-person strategies to strengthen resilience at biological, social, cognitive, emotional, behavioral and spiritual levels. MAPP students also learn to critically evaluate research outcomes in positive psychology to inform practical ways of catalyzing change within clinical, community-based and corporate organizations.

MAPP Program Objectives

During the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program, students will:

  • explore research and culturally sensitive interventions in the field of positive psychology.
  • understand human development and diversity through a positive psychology lens.
  • develop motivational interviewing skills focused on health behavior change.
  • apply a positive psychology and biopsychosocial framework to preventive health and disease management.
  • identify and elaborate on the intersection between CBT and positive psychology.
  • learn psychoeducational group facilitation skills in A Happier You and Health Support Program.
  • complete a capstone thesis that consists of developing, implementing, and evaluating a positive psychology project.
  • complete a 3-credit practicum experience over the year in existing positive psychology and clinical health psychology programs by participating in the Happier You and Health Support Programs.

The Master of Applied Positive Psychology program prepares graduates to pursue careers options including:

  • Wellness coach
  • Health navigator
  • Care coordinator
  • Organizational consultant
  • Research coordinator
  • Teacher
  • Institutional wellness program director
  • Project manager
  • Wellness consultant

Visit the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program application requirements page for details regarding admissions requirements and the application process.

PCOM is committed to helping students maximize funding sources and minimize student debt. Visit our Office of Financial Aid section to learn about cost of attendance, types of aid available and how to apply for financial aid.

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For more information, please contact:

PCOM Office of Admissions
Phone: 215-871-6700 | Fax: 215-872-6719

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