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Doctor of Psychology in School Psychology (PSYD) Program

The Doctor of Psychology Program (PsyD) in School Psychology at PCOM has a clearly articulated mission and set of aims, competencies and outcomes consistent with the health service psychology model.


The mission of the PCOM School Psychology PsyD program is to train, develop and prepare entry-level school psychologists with a focus on applied behavior analysis, empirically supported cognitive behavioral techniques and advanced assessment. Adopting the practitioner-scholar model of education, the program prepares graduates to provide research-based direct and indirect school psychological services that promote learning and well-being of all children with sensitivity to culture and diversity. The program also trains students to work collaboratively in multidisciplinary settings as health service psychologists and to engage in self-care and self-reflection.

About Our Program

The PsyD program is designed to be completed within a minimum of five years and a maximum of seven years of study. The program will require at least 108 doctoral credits, with four years of academic coursework completed at PCOM, a dissertation,and a one year doctoral-level internship required before graduating. The PsyD School Psychology Program is a full-time program with a minimum of two days a week of required practicum experiences that begin in the second year of the program. View the course sequence and field training description for additional information.

For more information regarding the School Psychology PsyD program, please contact Katie Garson, Coordinator of School Psychology Programs, at or 215-871-6463 or complete our online request for information form:


Application Process and Requirements

Applications to the PsyD program will be considered throughout the year. Visit our application requirements page to learn about course prerequisites, program requirements, the application process and more.

Career Options

  • PsyD program graduates will be prepared to serve children, youth and families in schools, hospitals, community health clinics and a variety of other mental health settings.
  • Graduates will be fully prepared to assume the role and responsibility of the school psychologist with specialized training in advanced assessment practices and applied behavior analytic and cognitive behavioral interventions.

What Is a School Psychologist?

School of Professional and Applied Psychology faculty describe the role of a school psychologist and provide insight into the school psychology programs offered at PCOM.

Accreditation Status

PCOM’s School Psychology PsyD program is accredited on contingency by the Commission on Accreditation of the American Psychological Association.

Accredited on contingency is an APA-accredited status and designates that the program is consistent, substantively and procedurally, with APA's Standards of Accreditation with the exception of the provision of outcome data. The PsyD Program in School Psychology at PCOM began accepting students in 2016 and will graduate its first cohort in 2021. As such, we do not yet have the full complement of outcome data available. Students that graduate from a program with this accreditation status have completed an APA-accredited program.

For general information about APA accreditation or specific information about the accreditation status of PCOM’s School PsyD program, please contact:

Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation
American Psychological Association
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242

Phone: 202-336-5979

Program Highlights

Doctor of Psychology in School Psychology


Most faculty are highly credentialed school psychologists who are nationally renowned practitioner-scholars and researchers in the field.


The program's multicultural focus prepares school psychologists to have a positive impact on pluralistic systems and communities.


Standardized client actors immerse students in realistic experiences and clinical situations.


Students complete coursework in specialized areas such as neuropsychology in the schools, cognitive behavioral therapy and applied behavior analysis.


The PsyD program can be completed in as few as five years.


Most courses are offered during evenings and weekends to work with your personal life and schedule.