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Click on the sections below to view important information regarding registering for classes, the add/drop period, withdrawing from courses and other registration-related topics.

All full-time new students are pre-registered into their first term of courses. All students in part-time programs select their courses during orientation and are registered at that time.

Register online in myPCOM

Students must register each term for their courses in order to attend classes and receive instructions on Blackboard. Registration is completed online through myPCOM. Email notifications are sent each term when registration will begin; therefore, it is important that students check their PCOM email on a regular basis.

Third and fourth year DO students

Third and fourth year DO students are registered for their rotations by the Clinical Education department.

Second year PA Studies students

Second year Physician Assistant Studies students are registered by the Department of Physician Assistant Studies for their preceptorships.

Fourth year PharmD students

Fourth year Pharmacy students will be registered by their experiential office.

Outstanding balances

Students will not be allowed to register or attend if there is an outstanding balance for the current term. Questions regarding tuition payment can be directed to the Bursar Office at 215-871-6190.

Textbook costs

For up-to-date textbook costs for your current term, go to the official bookstore website.

Drop course deadline

Deadline for dropping courses to receive a 100 percent refund of tuition is the last day of the first week of class.

How to drop courses

As many of our programs are lock step, dropping from one course in a term requires approval of the graduate program director. Programs that do not require signature are: Organizational Development and Leadership, MS Counseling Health Psychology, non-degree or CAGS.

For programs that do not require signature to drop, email from your PCOM email address and advise which course(s) you want dropped.

For lock step programs (degree programs other than the ones listed above), you must obtain approval from the program director/assistant/associate dean of your degree program to drop a course or courses. In most cases, lock step programs will not permit withdrawing from one or more courses unless you want to drop from all of your courses in which case you will need to discuss with them a request to take a leave of absence.

Leave of absence or withdrawals

Learn more about the leave of absence process.

Permission to audit a course must be given by the Dean and does not provide students with any course credit.

How to withdraw from a course

Students withdrawing from a course may email their request to and will receive a response confirming their withdrawal from the Registrar.

Course withdrawal policy

A student in our graduate or doctoral programs may request a withdrawal from a course and is permitted to withdraw up to the midpoint of the course and receive and will receive a grade notation of Withdraw "W."

If students in the DO, Pharmacy or Physician Assistant Studies programs need to withdraw in a semester they must withdraw from all courses in that term and take a leave of absence from the program.

After the midterm or the midpoint of the course, students will not be eligible to withdraw from a course unless there are extenuating circumstances and they are given permission from the program director. In the case of such withdrawals after the midpoint of the course, a grade notation of Withdrawal Pass "WP" or Withdrawal Fail "WF" will be made. Students cannot continue in a program with more than one "WF" grade notations.

Refund for traditional semester information is found on the Bursar Office page.

No fees or portions of fees assessed are refundable. The refund policy is subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, but in no instance will such a change become retroactive.

All federal financial aid funds are credited or returned in compliance with the Federal Return Policy schedule. Questions regarding this should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid at 215-871-6170.