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Academic Standing

Academic standing describes the conditions of student status in all programs at the university.

What is Academic Standing?

Academic standing is the standing of a student based on program requirements such as grade point average (GPA), failure in courses and other academic monitoring factors. A student is expected to maintain a status of academic good standing per the requirements of each program. Each academic program at PCOM maintains policies related to academic standing. For specific information on academic standing policies for each degree program, please refer to the respective program's academic policy handbook.

A student is typically considered one of the following statuses:

  • Academic good standing - Achievement defined by each program that is consistent with the student maintaining minimal acceptable performance and other expectations.
  • Academic probation - Students who demonstrate a marginal level of performance to the degree that continuing deficiency will make the student liable for dismissal. The duration and conditions of a probation will be specified by the Dean.
  • Academic dismissal - Students with academic deficiencies may be dismissed from PCOM. Written notice and information on the eligibility to appeal the decision will be sent to the student.

Academic Probation and Dismissal

Students are expected to maintain a status of academic good standing per the requirements of each program. Failure in courses or academic performance below the expectations of the school’s program may impact good academic standing. Additional information on academic deficiency and criteria are available in the program’s academic policy handbook.

The Student Performance and Evaluation Committee (SPEC) is comprised of program faculty and meets each term to review students with academic deficiencies. The SPEC may recommend to the Dean of the school/college in writing that:

  • A student be placed on academic probation.
  • A student be dismissed from the school’s program.

Students will receive a letter notifying them of the SPEC's decision. For students who are academically dismissed, they will also be provided information on eligibility to appeal the dismissal. Students appealing dismissal must do so within 5 business days of being dismissed.

Academic Dismissal Appeal Process

Any student appealing a dismissal is entitled to a hearing before the Faculty Committee on Academic Appeals (FCAA). The student must submit a request for an appeal via the academic appeal form within 5 business days after the student has been notified of dismissal.

At the hearing, the student may present new and relevant evidence and/or identify how the process for their academic dismissal was not followed in accordance with their program's handbook. At the appeals, the student may be represented by an attorney or other persons. The FCAA will review and recommend one of the following to the Provost:

  • Uphold the dismissal (Appeal denied)
  • Remove the dismissal (Appeal accepted)
  • Offer academic probation

A letter from the Provost will be sent to the student notifying them of the decision in regards to their appeal.

Academic Appeal Timeline

  1. The SPEC meets as needed to review student deficiencies.
  2. The SPEC makes a recommendation and provides a summary of reasoning and events leading to the decision.
    1. The SPEC may recommend status change to academic probation.
    2. The SPEC may recommend dismissal from the program.
  3. The Dean will review the recommendation and may, accept, modify or not accept the recommendation(s).
  4. The Dean will send a letter to the student stating the decision with copies to the appropriate administrators.

Academic Appeal Form

Students that wish to appeal can fill out the Academic Appeal Form.


If you have any questions about the academic appeals process, please contact PCOM's Chief Student Affairs Officer, Patience Mason, at Note that you must submit your appeal within five business days of being dismissed.