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Refund Policies

PCOM students who choose to withdraw from their medical or graduate program for any reason may qualify for a tuition refund on a per-term basis.

Tuition Refunds Upon Withdrawal

View policies and schedules related to tuition refunds as result from withdrawal from the College.

Tuition refund schedule

The following refund schedule applies to all students:

Withdrawal During Term Charge Credit
First week of class 0% 100%
Second week of class 10% 90%
Third and fourth week of class 25% 75%
Fifth through seventh week of class 50% 50%
After the seventh week of class 100% 0%

If a student is required by their academic program to take a mandatory leave or is academically dismissed while currently enrolled in courses for the term, a 100% tuition refund will be issued for those course/courses for that term. If the student has financial aid, the return of Title IV aid process will be completed. If the amount PCOM is required to be returned in financial aid exceeds the tuition refunded, the student will be required to make payment of the balance before returning to PCOM.

If the academic program or academic advisor recommends repeating a previously passed and graded course for audit credit, the student will not be charged an additional tuition fee for the audit course.

Clinical rotation students

Students taking part in an off campus clinical assignment who take a leave of absence after completing one or more rotations for a term will not receive a tuition refund. Rather, when the student returns from their leave of absence, the student will not be charged additional tuition beyond the full tuition required for completion of their programs. However, if the student decides to withdraw from the program after completing one or more rotations, the student will receive a prorated tuition refund based on the number of rotations completed compared to the number of rotations required as part of their program of study.

Those students impacted by this include, but are not limited to:

  • Third and fourth year Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine,
  • Fourth year Doctor of Pharmacy,
  • Second year Physician Assistant Studies,
  • Third year Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Return of financial aid funds

All Federal Title IV financial aid funds are credited or returned by the Office of Financial Aid in compliance with the Federal Title IV Funds return policy.

Living Expense Refunds From Financial Aid

View policies and schedules relating to living expense funding as a result of financial aid disbursements.

General information

Student loans and most other aid will electronically disburse toward students' PCOM tuition/fee charges on the first date of enrollment at the beginning of each term. If you borrow more funds than tuition/fees, the PCOM Bursar's Office will then release the remaining "living expense refund" funds to you 7-10 days after your first date of enrollment for the term.

View more details about disbursements and refunds at PCOM.

Financial aid refund schedule notes

First disbursement date of each term

Refunds will be processed seven to 10 days following the disbursement of loans. Learn more about disbursements and refunds including estimated dates for each program.

Weekly processing

If adjustments are made to a student's tuition charges or financial aid amounts that result in a refund after the start of a term, a living expense refund may be issued. Refund checks or direct deposits will be produced every Tuesday. Cutoff time for processing refunds is the close of business Monday.

Banking or school holidays

Refunds will be processed the next business day.

Philadelphia campus is closed

If PCOM's Philadelphia location is closed, refunds will be processed on the next business day that the campus reopens.

Direct deposit

It is strongly recommended that students sign up for direct deposit for their refunds. By signing up for direct deposit, your financial aid refund funds are paid directly to your bank account each term. Direct deposit is generally faster and more secure than receiving a paper check via postal mail.

  • Print out and complete the Direct Deposit Form (PDF).
  • Students will also need to submit a voided check or bank statement in order to verify your bank's routing and account numbers.
  • Return the completed documents to the PCOM Bursar Office:
    • Email (via your PCOM email address).
    • Or fax to 215-871-6106.
    • Or bring it to our office (Rowland Hall, Suite 203).

Outstanding refund for federal aid

In compliance with federal regulations, PCOM will reissue an outstanding refund check within 40 days of the original check being issued. If the reissued check is still not cashed after 30 days, funds will be returned to the student’s lender.