Refund Policy

Students who choose to withdraw from the medical or graduate curricula for any reason may qualify for a tuition refund on a per-term basis.

Refunds to third- and fourth-year medical students are prorated according to clerkships completed. In no case will tuition already paid be refunded for disciplinary or academic dismissal. The effect date of withdrawal is the date a student files a written request with the Dean.

The following refund schedule applies to all students:

Withdrawal During Term Charge Credit
First week of class 0% 100%
Second week of class 10% 90%
Third and fourth week of class 25% 75%
Fifth through seventh week of class 50% 50%
After the seventh week of class 100% 0%

All federal financial aid funds are credited or returned in compliance with the federal return policy schedule.

Weekly Refund Schedule

Refund checks or direct deposits will be produced every Monday and Thursday. Cutoff times for processing refunds are the close of business Wednesday for availability on Thursday and the close of business Friday for availability on Monday.

First Disbursement Date of Each Term

Refunds will be processed seven to 10 days following the disbursement of loans.

Banking or School Holidays

Refunds will be processed the next business day.

Philadelphia Campus is Closed

Refunds will be processed on the next business day that the campus reopens.

Direct Deposit of Refund

It is strongly recommended that students sign up for direct deposit for their refunds. This process is a safer and a more convenient way for students to receive funds. Direct deposit of student refunds is available by completing an authorization form. The initial setup for direct deposit will take approximately one week. The funds will be electronically posted to your bank account within two days after the above mentioned cutoff days. For example, if your refund is processed for availability on Monday, then the funds will be posted to your bank account on Tuesday or Wednesday.

If you have not set up direct deposit with the Bursar's Office you will receive your refund in the mail. If you have any concerns regarding your mailing address, please call the Bursar's Office.

Direct Deposit Form (PDF)