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Degree, Fellowship and Enrollment Verifications

The Registrar Office provides a few different verification services to students and alumni at PCOM, PCOM Georgia and PCOM South Georgia.

Note that enrollment verification requests as well as requests for good standing or completion of program must come from the student, former student or alumnus. The National Student Clearinghouse is the College's authorized agent for providing degree verifications. Our office also uploads student transcripts and Medical Student Performance Evaluations (MSPE) to the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) and other fellowship portals.

Requests for enrollment verification, good standing or completion of program must come from the student, former student or alumnus.

Verifications may not be taken from a parent or third party unless a release of information form has been signed by the student, former student or alumnus authorizing release of information to the third party. Requests cannot be taken over the phone.

Students or alumni

All requests for verification of enrollment, good standing or graduation must be submitted via our online Registrar Request Form.

The verifications will be faxed or mailed directly to a third party upon request. Any forms that a third party requires must be submitted with your request. Also, include any assigned account or reference numbers so that they may be noted in the verification letter.

Please allow three to five business days for processing.

USMLE verification

When students apply to sit for the USMLE they will receive an application packet from the NBME that includes a unique Certification of ID Form (CIF). In order to sit for the USMLE, students must submit their unique CIF to the Registrar Office to be completed and electronically submitted, as well as an additional verification. 

Once this is completed, the student will receive an email from the NBME notifying them that they are eligible to schedule their USMLE exam.

Registrar Request Form

National Student Clearinghouse is PCOM's authorized agent for providing degree verification.

The National Student Clearinghouse works with former students, employers and professional background screening firms to provide pertinent education records including dates of attendance and degree verification. The Clearinghouse has verification services on behalf of PCOM to expedite the time from request to resolution. Visit National Student Clearinghouse for more information about this third-party agency.

Employers or professional background screening firms should contact:

Student National Clearinghouse
Phone: 703-742-4200
Fax: 703-742-4239
Email: service@studentclearinghouse.org

Information regarding applying for fellowship through ERAS can be found on the Applying to Fellowships with ERAS page on the AAMC website.

Documents such as your PCOM transcript and MSPE can only be uploaded by the school to their portal and not submitted to you. There is a link in their portal, referred to as MIDUS, for you to request documents. If requesting both transcript and MSPE you will need to make two requests. When making your application you will be required to submit information regarding who to contact in the PCOM Registrar Office. Please be advised that we cannot send the MSPE.

Other fellowships

We understand there may be other fellowships that utilize a different portal. Please consult their webpage and determine their specific procedure. If they have a portal for us to upload your documents to, utilize the same email address—fellowship@pcom.edu—for us to receive information.

There may be others that do not have a portal for us to upload your documents. Therefore, we ask that you complete our online Registrar Request Form to request a transcript or Dean's Letter/MSPE.

Contact for fellowship processing

Philip Heywood, Associate Registrar for Academic Records
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Rowland Hall 203
4190 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131