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Faculty and Staff 
Osteopathic Medical Program at PCOM South Georgia

Administrative Faculty

Marla D. Golden, DO ’88, MS, FACEP
Dean, Osteopathic Medical Program - PCOM South Georgia
Associate Dean of Clinical Education, PCOM Georgia and PCOM South Georgia
Chair of Clinical Education, PCOM South Georgia
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine


Vickie Grant
Administrative Assistant to the Dean and Chief Academic Officer
Phone: 229-668-3172
Email: vickiegr@pcom.edu


Rasheed Agboola, MD portrait

Rasheed Agboola, MD

Associate Professor of Pathology

Phone: 229-668-3183

Email: rasheedag@pcom.edu

Savita Arya, MD Pathology, DPB, MBBS portrait

Savita Arya, MD Pathology, DPB, MBBS


Phone: 229-668-3189

Email: savitaar@pcom.edu

Shiv Dhiman, MD portrait

Shiv Dhiman, MD

Associate Professor

Phone: 229-668-3182

Email: shivdh@pcom.edu

Sebastian Egberts, MS portrait

Sebastian Egberts, MS

Instructor of Anatomy

Phone: 229-668-3180

Email: sebastianeg@pcom.edu

Stacie Fairley, PhD portrait

Stacie Fairley, PhD

Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology

Phone: 229-668-3187

Email: staciefa@pcom.edu

George Fredrick, MD portrait

George Fredrick, MD

Office of Clinical Education
Primary Care Skills Site Director

Phone: 229-668-3176

Email: georgefr@pcom.edu

Marla Golden, DO

Marla Golden, DO '88, MS, FACEP

Dean of the Osteopathic Medicine Program, PCOM South Georgia
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine

Phone: 229-668-3106

Email: marlago@pcom.edu

Thomas Last, PhD portrait

Thomas Last, PhD

Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Cellular Genetics

Phone: 229-668-3200

Email: thomasla1@pcom.edu

Robert Lloyd, DO, FACOS portrait

Robert Lloyd, DO, FACOS

Assistant Dean of Clinical Education
Associate Professor of Surgery

Phone: 229-668-3104

Email: robertll@pcom.edu

Nikita Mirajkar, PhD portrait

Nikita Mirajkar, PhD

Associate Dean of Curriculum
Professor of Pharmacology

Phone: 229-668-3191

Email: nikitami@pcom.edu

Kristie Petree, DO portrait

Kristie Petree, DO

OMM Chair - PCOM South Georgia
Associate Professor of NMM/OMM

Phone: 229-668-3175

Email: kristiepe1@pcom.edu

Winston Price, MD, FACPE portrait

Winston Price, MD, FACPE

Associate Professor
Director of Pathway Programs

Phone: 229-668-3204

Email: winstonpr@pcom.edu

Edward Shaw, PhD portrait

Edward Shaw, PhD

Professor of Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Director, Biomedical Science Graduate Program

Phone: 229-668-3188

Email: ed.shaw@pcom.edu

Jennifer Shaw, PhD portrait

Jennifer Shaw, PhD

Chair, Department of Bio-Medical Sciences - PCOM South Georgia
Associate Professor of Physiology

Phone: 229-668-3192

Email: jennifer.shaw@pcom.edu

Brandy Sreenilayam, PhD portrait

Brandy Sreenilayam, PhD

Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Cellular Genetics

Phone: 229-668-3186

Email: brandysr@pcom.edu

Sandeep Vansal, PhD, RPh portrait

Sandeep Vansal, PhD, RPh

Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Phone: 229-668-3190

Email: sandeepva@pcom.edu

Robert Walker, PhD portrait

Robert Walker, PhD

Director of Student Progression and Off Cycle Curriculum
Associate Professor of Physiology

Phone: 229-668-3177

Email: robertwa1@pcom.edu