Course Sequence 
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine - PCOM South Georgia

The courses and sequence listed below are subject to change. Please consult the course catalog for additional information.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Term 1Hours
DO 100 Cell and Biochem Found of Med 6
DO 101 Infection and Immunity 6
DO 113A Medical Humanities I 0.5
DO 129A Wellness I 0.5
DO 139A Osteopathic Principles and Practice I 2.5
DO 140A Primary Care Skills I 1.5
DO 144A Critical Reason Basic Sci 1A 1
INDP 100A Interprofessional Education 0.5
Term 2
DO 102 Found of Musculos System Skin 3
DO 103 Foundational Physiology 1.5
DO 104 Found of Cardio and Pulm Med 3.5
DO 105 Foundations of Renal, Endocrine, and Gastrointestinal Medicine 3.5
DO 106 Foundations of Research 1
DO 113B Medical Humanities II 0.5
DO 129B Wellness II 0.5
DO 139B Osteopathic Principles and Practice II 2
DO 140B Primary Care Skills II 1
DO 144B Critical Reason Basic Sci IB 1
INDP 100B Interprofessional Education 0.5
Term 3
DO 107 Found of Repro and Gen Med 2
DO 108 HEENT and Neuroscience 4
DO 109 Intro to Human Dis and Therape 5.5
DO 113C Medical Humanities III 0.5
DO 129C Wellness III 0.5
DO 139C Osteopathic Principles and Practice III 2
DO 140C Primary Care Skills III 0.5
DO 144C Critical Reason Basic Sci IC 1
INDP 100C Interprofessional Education 0.5
 Total Hours53
Plan of Study Grid
Second Year
Term 1Hours
DO 146AM Comp Bas Sci Review & Synthes 1
DO 212M Gastroenterological Science 3.5
DO 221M Clinical Endocrinology 2.5
DO 237M Found of Pulmonary Medicine 4
DO 238A Preventive and Community Based Medicine I 1
DO 239AM Osteopathic Princ and Pract IV 2
DO 240AM Primary Care Skills IV 1
INDP 200AM Interprofessional Education 0.5
Term 2
DO 146BM Comp Bas Sci Review & Synthes 1
DO 222M Clin & Basic Neuroscience 7
DO 224M Muscoloskeletal Skin 3.5
DO 238BM Prevent and Com Based Med II 1
DO 239BM Osteopathic Princ and Pract V 1.5
DO 240BM Primary Care Skills V 1
INDP 200BM Interprofessional Education 0.5
Term 3
DO 145M Clinicl Reason in Basic Sci II 1
DO 146CM Comp Bas Sci Review & Synthes 1
DO 213M Repro Genitr & Obst Gyn Med 7
DO 235M Emergency Medicine 1
DO 239CM Osteopathic Princ and Pract VI 0.5
DO 240CM Primary Care Skills VI 2
DO 251M Intro to Clinical Medicine 5
INDP 200CM Interprofessional Education 0.5
 Total Hours49
Third Year (12 Months)
Family Medicine17
General Internal Medicine17
General Surgery17
Internal Medicine Selective17
Obstetrics and Gynecology17
OMM/Family Medicine17
Internal Medicine - Ambulatory17
Fourth Year (12 Months)
Elective (8)136
Underserved/Rural Family Medicine34
Emergency Medicine17