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Culturally Aware Psychology Students

Culturally Aware Psychology Students (CAPS) is a student group in the School of Professional and Applied Psychology that supports efforts of creating a learning environment that encompasses multicultural principles and values in the educating of psychology students.

Mission Statement

To build a multiculturally competent learning community of graduate and medical students by exploring issues of diversity and inclusion throughout the educational process and creating safe environments to expand personal and professional awareness of differences. 


  • Provide educational seminars on an annual basis to address issues of inclusion.
  • Participate in local and regional cultural events that promote diversity.
  • Develop sensitivity to diversity by sharing experiences with others.
  • Provide safe environments for students to express concerns and receive support regarding diversity issues.
  • Facilitate program sensitivity by providing feedback to the classroom community through “teachable moments” and cultural feedback loops.
  • Build community connections by supporting the progression of diverse interactions within PCOM.
  • Participate in service projects that support and advocate for the underserved or vulnerable populations in the community.