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Center for Teaching Support and Professional Development

Our department mission is to promote teaching excellence with effective educational strategies, resources and technologies; and support professional development, continuing educational and lifelong learning.

Our vision is to support the PCOM community with training and resources to inspire and empower current and future health professionals, allowing them to become lifelong learners and excel in their professions.

Our goals are to:

  • Conduct professional development programs to establish best practices in maximizing the use of educational strategies.
  • Share and celebrate academic initiatives currently being conducted across the PCOM community at our PCOM, PCOM Georgia and PCOM South Georgia locations.
  • Foster a spirit of enthusiasm for teaching by exploring new instructional methodologies.
  • Facilitate interprofessional collaboration by promoting academic initiatives across disciplines.
  • Encourage educational research as it relates to academic initiatives.
  • Promote online and blended learning initiatives across programs.
  • Enhance continuing education opportunities for healthcare professionals.
  • Promote library services to support teaching, learning, research and clinical activities.
PCOM's Center for Teaching Support and Professional Development special offerings
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Our services support teaching, assessment, student engagement and life-long learning at PCOM's three locations:

On demand educator resources

Tips, how-to guides, newsletters, instructional videos, checklists, workbooks.

Faculty and staff development programs

Synchronous (live) and asynchronous, face-to-face and webinar workshops, professional development sessions, courses.

Consultative services for educators

Instructional design support; consultation; evaluation of course design, instructional methods and assessment strategies.

Liaison services

Facilitate collaboration with our departments (such as library services, research and simulation centers) to explore opportunities to incorporate educational resources in teaching methods, curriculum and assessment.

Clinical education resources and programs

Resources and programs specifically designed for educators in the clinical setting.

Continuing Education (CE) and Continuing Medical Education (CME) Opportunities

Face-to-face, live, webinar and recorded opportunities; satisfying educational requirements for licensure.

PCOM faculty and staff may access educational and instructional resources by visiting our faculty resources in myPCOM. Resources include worksheets, instructional videos and documents, tips for engaging students and more.

THRIVE is a newsletter for clinical educators and preceptors who supervise PCOM students.For those clinical educators and preceptors who supervise PCOM students, we want to make sure to share important professional development opportunities with you. To receive professional development promotions and our monthly THRIVE Professional Development Newsletter, please complete the form below so we may add you to our mailing list.

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We have offices at PCOM and PCOM Georgia, and we provide support to all of the College's locations and academic programs.

Our department number is 215-871-6689.

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