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Continuing Education Opportunities

The School of Professional and Applied Psychology provides engaging, high-quality continuing education for psychologists, counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists, psychiatrists and healthcare providers.

Our expert speakers offer evidence-based, cutting-edge programs to advance practitioners’ skills and knowledge related to current critical issues in behavioral mental health, including the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion in clinical care, and the latest advances in integrated behavioral health approaches. PCOM’s diverse array of continuing educational opportunities include face-to-face conferences and live webinars.

PCOM is approved by the American Psychological Association and the National Board of Certified Counselors as a continuing education (CE) provider.

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PCOM School of Professional Psychology Continuing Education Program Goals

The overall goal of PCOM’s School of Professional & Applied Psychology (SPAP) CE Program is to offer high quality professionally-oriented and relevant, empirically-based continuing education seminars and certificate programs that (a) are constructed upon a foundation of doctoral-level training for psychologists; (b) are specifically related to psychological practice, science and education; (c) are specifically designed for psychologists to enhance their current knowledge base and to acquire new skills in order to ultimately improve psychological practice in the community; (d) are created to help psychologists maintain, develop, and increase competencies and keep abreast of important new developments in the field; (e) are developed to reinforce and enhance critical knowledge, skills, and attitudes that promote competent clinical practice and enhance services to the public; and, finally, (f) are offered with the intent of supporting the profession of psychology as a whole. More specifically, the objectives are as follows:

  1. to enhance and improve the competencies of psychologists in ways that are critically related to their professional work, roles, and functions;
  2. to help psychologists acquire and develop cutting-edge skills and knowledge about emerging issues and technologies, tools, and methods that are necessary to develop, maintain and enhance professional competence and enhance the quality of professional services to the public;
  3. to enhance and improve the competencies of psychologists in working with clients from individually and culturally diverse populations, especially the underserved;
  4. to bolster the skills of critical inquiry and analysis, and to foster the application of objective and balanced professional decision-making that characterizes “best practices” of empirically-based practitioner-scholars;
  5. to promote increased awareness, acknowledgment, and recognition of one’s own specific life-long learning needs;
  6. to promote and enhance the profession of psychology by emphasizing clinical science as a human practice endeavor and clinical practice as a human science endeavor; and,
  7. to promote increased awareness of the parameters of ethical decision-making and professional practice of psychology.

The PCOM School of Professional and Applied Psychology's continuing education programming is a not-for-profit enterprise. We primarily provide continuing education as a public service to psychologists and psychology trainees/students affiliated with our university and the greater Philadelphia community.