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Respecting the Individual

Diversity in Psychology

Diversity in Psychology

The School of Professional and Applied Psychology at PCOM is committed to preparing highly skilled, compassionate practitioner-scholars at the doctoral and master’s levels with sensitivity to cultural, ethnic, gender diversity and the underserved.

Thus, we respect and affirm the equal human worth of every individual and of all distinctive groups of people. The moral and intellectual justification for this mission is rooted in our commitment to students and faculty of different backgrounds, experiences and origins, which enhances the learning experience for all.

Diversity is broadly defined to include, but not limited to, respect of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, age, abilities, religion, native tongue and culture. The programs of the School of Professional and Applied Psychology at PCOM embrace the integration of diversity through:

  • Acknowledging the salience of diversity in our society by addressing the interests and concerns of all students in the School of Professional and Applied Psychology.
  • Fostering the recruitment and retention of diverse students, staff and faculty.
  • Integrating diversity education, sensitivity and competencies throughout the curriculum, research and clinical training opportunities.
  • Promoting empathy and respect for all individuals and groups.
  • Encouraging and educating students in promoting advocacy and social justice through research and practice, and grounded in the Recovery model, that promotes the worth of every person as a contributing member of society, regardless of ability or disability.

The School of Professional and Applied Psychology maintains a strong and ongoing commitment in these areas.

Service to the Community

PCOM maintains several Healthcare Centers which serve the medical needs of our community by providing a variety of quality, easily accessible healthcare services in one convenient location. In three of these Centers, psychology and counseling interns and practicum students from the School of Professional and Applied Psychology's Center for Brief Therapy interact with medical and allied mental health professionals as a fully participatory member of the total healthcare team. Future psychologists and counselors are trained to work in healthcare settings as providers of comprehensive psychological services that stress interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Learn more about diversity programs and community outreach programs at PCOM, PCOM Georgia and PCOM South Georgia by visiting the Office of Diversity and Community Relations.