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Students Showcase Research at Annual Campus Event

June 6, 2019

37 posters explain innovative projects on topics such as diabetes, obesity, vaccination, chemotherapy and more.

Held May 14, 2019, Research Day at PCOM Georgia featured 37 posters depicting innovative projects from students, residents, fellows and faculty members. Programs represented included biomedical sciences, pharmacy, osteopathic medicine, physical therapy and physician assistant studies. Research topics ranged from diabetes, obesity, and medication use to chemotherapy resistance, vaccination rates, and the effects of tai chi.

The event’s keynote speaker, Periasamy Selvaraj, PhD, a professor in the Department of Pathology at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, described his seminal work in the area of cancer immunotherapy. His laboratory focuses on developing patient-specific, anti-tumor vaccines to treat metastatic cancer.

The following participants received awards for their research presentations:

Excellence in Research – Biomedical Sciences

First Place – Daniel Horuzsko, MS/Biomed ‘19
“Allicin reverses diabetes-induced dysfunction of human coronary artery endothelial cells”

Second Place – Christine Okaro MS/Biomed, ‘19
“Increased autophagy and liver regeneration protects LCN2 KO mice from APAP-induced acute liver failure”

Honorable Mention – Alina Farah, MS/Biomed ‘19
“Studies examining the potential of ruthenium-substituted, NGR-tagged rubredoxin to act as a cancer therapeutic drug”

Excellence in Research – Pharmaceutical Sciences

First Place – My Hahn Duong, (PharmD ’20)
“Impact of pharmacist-driven management of direct oral anticoagulants: A preliminary observational study”

Second Place – Adrian Gavre (PharmD ’21)
“Grapefruit favanoid naringenin: A promising therapeutic agent for obesity”

Honorable Mention – Lucy Yang (PharmD ’20)
“Student pharmacists self-perceived confidence in communication skills with healthcare practitioners before and after a seminar course”

Excellence in Research – Physician Assistant Studies/Physical Therapy

First Place - Rodney Carter (PT ’21)
“Variation of the lateral ligaments of the knee: A case study”

Honorable Mention – Jocilyn Yarnell (PT ’21)
“Unreported anatomic variation of the iliocapsularis muscle: A case report”

Excellence in Research – DO Program

First Place – Samir Sarda (DO ’21)
“The Atlanta Interprofessional Student Hotspotting Program: Service-oriented education and community-centered accountable care for high utilization patients"

Second Place – HJ Park (DO ’21)
“Melatonin for sleep? Examining the effect of melatonin on inflammation, neurodevelopment and oxidative stress”

Honorable Mention – Timothy Cofer (DO ’22)
“What is the response of Cerebellar Purkinje cells and the Cerebral Cortex to tACS stimulation in-vivo?”

Excellence in Research – Residents/Fellows

First Place – Iran Najafabadi, PharmD ‘18
“Medication use evaluation of intravenous acetaminophen in surgical patients”

Second Place – Travis Fields
“Chronic inflammation associated with obesity exacerbates bone loss in mice”

Honorable Mention – Haris Hatic, DO
“Thyrotoxicosis in molar pregnancy”

Fisher Award for Excellence
Haris Hatic, DO

Research Day committee members and judges included: Abigail Hielscher, PhD, Chair; Adwoa Aduonum, PhD; Kim Baker, PhD; Vishakha Bhave, PhD; Skye Bickett, DHSc, MLIS; Valerie Cadet, PhD; Shafik Habal, MD; Francis Jenney, PhD; Harold Komiskey, PhD; Vicky Mody, PhD; Dennis Peffley, JD, PhD; Srujana Rayalam, PhD; Lori Redmond, PhD; Sara Reece, PharmD; Essie Samuel, PharmD; Rangaiah Shashidharamurthy, PhD; Sonia Thomas, PharmD; Richard White, PhD; Shu Zhu, MD, PhD.

Sponsors of the event were: the PCOM Library and Educational Information Systems, the Division of Research, the Office of Admissions, Thermo-Fisher and Fulton Bank.

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