Francis E. Jenney Jr., PhD | PCOM Georgia Faculty
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Professor of Biochemistry

Dr. Jenney teaches biochemistry and genetics in both the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) and Master's in Biomedical Sciences programs at PCOM Georgia. Integrating basic biochemistry and molecular biology concepts into the practical clinical work of physicians and scientists is critical to their ability to adapt to a rapidly changing world. Dr. Jenney has served on a number of committees ranging from admissions to the faculty senate, as well as numerous ad hoc committees to support the evolving mission of PCOM to produce excellent physicians and scientists. He continues research into the biochemistry of the proteins of extremophilic microorganisms, regularly training masters and DO students as work-study, volunteer and thesis students.


Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Georgia
PhD, Biology, University of Pennsylvania
BA, Biology, University of Pennsylvania


Dr. Jenney’s research is focused on the role of metalloproteins in metabolism. Along with a number of collaborators, he is helping to look at the fine structure of metal centers in proteins, in particular in iron proteins that strictly anaerobic microorganisms use to protect themselves from oxygen.

In addition to these basic studies, his laboratory is also attempting to adapt some of these proteins for use as potential treatments for cancer, as well as problems such as ischemia-reperfusion injury. The extreme stability of proteins from organisms which flourish at and above 100°C, as well as the ability of some of these proteins to still function even 80°C below their optimal temperature, makes them of great potential utility.


Select Volunteer and Leadership Activities
2021 – present PCOMONE Assessment Team
2020 – present Chair-Elect of Faculty Senate
2020 – present PCOMONE Sequencing Team
2016 – present Editorial Board of Applied and Environmental Microbiology
2016 – 2020 Research Committee
2016 – 2020 DO Curriculum Georgia (2018 – 2020, co-chair)
2016 – present Biomedical Program SPEC Committee
2015 – present AHEC Pathway to Medical School Planning Committee
2013 – present Faculty advisor to Alpha Epsilon Lambda National Honors Society
2011 – 2020 DO Admissions Georgia (2010 – 2014, co-chair; 2014 – 2016, chair; 2016 – 2017, co-chair)
2013 – 2014 PCOM Faculty Senate Secretary
2012 – 2013 Middle States Accreditation Self-study Steering Committee Member
2011 – 2015 Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
2011 – 2015 DO Curriculum Georgia
2011 – 2012 Institutional Environmental Health and Safety Committee
2011 AOA Self-Study Committee – Preclinical Curriculum
2010 – 2011 Faculty Senate Member at Large