Richard E. White, PhD, FAHA | PCOM Georgia Faculty
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Chair, Department of Bio-Medical Sciences - PCOM Georgia
Professor of Pharmacology and Physiology

Dr. White's primary teaching responsibility is directing the cardiovascular-renal-pulmonary course for second-year osteopathic medicine (DO) students. In addition to administrating the course, Dr. White also teaches cardiovascular physiology and some cardiovascular pharmacology as well. In the biomedical sciences program, Dr. White co-directs a graduate course—vascular control mechanisms—and chairs the curriculum committee. In addition to these cardiovascular-related courses, he also teaches basic reproductive endocrinology to second-year DO students, and cellular biophysics/neurophysiology to first-year DO students.


  • PhD, Pharmacology, Medical College of Georgia, 1987
  • BS, Biology, Emory University, 1981


Dr. White's research centers upon applying cellular/molecular electrophysiological techniques to investigate cell excitability and signal transduction, especially in coronary arteries. His main focus has been on understanding how gonadal hormones (e.g., estrogen, testosterone) modulate potassium channel activity in coronary artery smooth muscle cells to produce vasodilation. He has supervised research to understand how modulation of potassium currents in astrocytes may protect against Alzheimer’s disease.


  • National Junior Investigator Achievement Award, National Heart Foundation, 1993
  • Award for Excellence in Medical Teaching & Research, Wright State University School of Medicine, 1997
  • Fellow, American Heart Association, 2002 - present
  • Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award, Medical College of Georgia, 2004
  • Who’s Who in Medical Sciences Education, 2005
  • Master Lecturer, DeBakey Cardiovascular Research Institute, Texas A&M University, 2007
  • IBC Leading Scientist of the World, 2007
  • Distinguished Faculty Award for Basic Science Teaching, Medical College of Georgia, 2009
  • Distinguished Alumnus Award, College of Graduate Studies, MCG-Georgia Regents University, 2011
  • Educator of Excellence Award, Georgia Campus-Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2014


Regulation of coronary artery ion channels by adenosine.
P.I.: R.E. White National Heart Foundation/American Health Assistance Foundation
4-1-93 to 3-31-94, $15,000.

Female sex hormones prevent age-induced cardiovascular dysfunction.
P.I.: R.E. White American Federation For Aging Research
7-1-95 to 12-31-96, $40,000.

Mechanisms of estrogen-induced coronary vasodilation.
P.I.: R.E. White (50% effort) National Institutes of Health (HL54844)
12-1-96 to 11-30-01, $280,000.

The molecular basis of estrogen action on human coronary artery smooth muscle.
P.I. R.E. White (15% effort) American Heart Association (national)
7-1-99 to 6-30-02, $165,000

Molecular basis of cAMP-induced coronary vasorelaxation.
P.I.: R.E. White (25% effort) National Institutes of Health (HL64779)
04-01-00 to 03-30-05, $625,000.

PKC signaling in cAMP-induced pulmonary vasodilation
P.I.: S. Barman National Institutes of Health (NHLBI)
07-01-01 to 06-30-06, $875,000 R.E. White, Co-investigator (20% effort)

Role of icosanoids in renal function
P.I.: H. Capdevila/ J. Imig (PI) National Institutes of Health (NIDDK 2 PO1 DK38226-18)
07-01-97 to 06-30-09, $1,694,380 R.E. White, Co-Investigator (20% effort)

Estrogen dual effects on coronary arteries
P.I.: R.E. White (30% effort) National Institutes of Health (HL073890)
12-01-04 to 11-30-08, $875,000.

Estrogen dual effects on coronary arteries -- reentry supplement
P.I.: R.E. White and Mary P. Owen National Institutes of Health (HL073890)
03-01-06 to 11-30-08, $48,000

Nongenomic mechanisms of androgens in the vascular wall
P.I.: J.N. Stallone National Institutes of Health (HL080402)
04-01-06 to 03-31-10, $1,250,000 R.E. White, Co-Investigator (25% effort)

PKC Signaling in cAMP-induced pulmonary vasodilation
P.I.: S.A. Barman National Institutes of Health (HL68026)
07-01-07 to 03-31-11, $900,000 R.E. White, Co-Investigator (20% effort)

Protective activity of the lectin-like domain of TNF in permeability edema
P.I.: R. Lucas National Institutes of Health (HL094609)
08-01-10 to 07-31-14, $900,000
R.E. White, Co-Investigator (10% effort)



Volunteer and Leadership Activities
  • Interviewed on WPTV's special on cardiovascular disease, Don't Die of Embarrassment, 1996
  • Consultant on WPTV's special on the biomedical aspects of aging and age prevention, 1997.
  • Expert Panelist at the American Heart Association Press Conference on Women and Heart Disease, 1997.
  • Teacher, Pianist, Elder, and Board Member, Ferry Church of Christ, Waynesville, OH 1997 – 1999.
  • Teacher, Pianist, Elder, and Chairman, Westside Christian Church, Martinez, GA 2001- 2007.
  • Volunteer, Master’s Table Soup Kitchen, 2002 - 2006
  • Book: Joiner, J.A. and R.E. White, “Our Meal With the Master”. Covenant Publishing, Joplin Mo., 2002.
  • Newspaper article series: Medical Aspects of Crucifixion, Rockdale Citizen, 2004.
  • Interviewed on WRDW television news: Estrogen, Women, and Heart Disease, 2005
  • Interviewed by L.A. Times for a health feature on estrogen and postmenopausal hormone therapy, 2005.
  • Listing in Metropolitan Who’s Who (Community & Religious Service)
  • Organizing Committee: Apologetics Conference 2007-2008, Augusta, GA
  • Radio Program Co-Host: Truth Around the Kitchen Table, WGAC-580AM, 2008.
  • Teacher, Pianist, Elder, Treasurer, Master’s Way Christian Church, 2008 – 2012
  • Keyboardist, Hamilton Mill Christian Church, 2014 - present