Student Budgeting Worksheets 
for Medical and Graduate Students

PCOM's student budgeting worksheets are designed to help you determine how much you may need to borrow in student loans to meet educational and living expenses for graduate and medical school.

How to use our student budgeting worksheets

How to use PCOM's student budgeting worksheets
  1. Click the appropriate link below for your program. This will open a copy of our budgeting worksheet within Google Drive of your PCOM Google account.
  2. Each Google Sheet is separated into workbook tabs for each year of the program (bottom left of each Sheet).
  3. Follow the instructions within the sheet to determine how much federal student loans you may need to borrow to cover the cost of tuition, fees, supplies and living expenses. Your initial financial aid package can be found in the Award Summary section of your Financial Aid Checklist within myPCOM.

Remember you only need to enter figures into the orange cells.

Notes and student loan borrowing scenarios

Notes and borrowing scenarios

The below budgeting worksheets generally assume traditional student enrollment and aid scenarios. If you require additional assistance with creating a budget or determining your loan amounts, contact your respective financial aid office to speak with a counselor.

If you are only trying to borrow exactly what you need to cover tuition/fees, contact your respective financial aid office to speak with a counselor.