Lecture Series Recordings
Office of Financial Aid

Each spring, from March through May, several lectures are held on each campus as part of our Financial Wellness Lecture Series.

We host professionals from the fields of home loans, home buying, financial planning, investing, student loan repayment and debt management to speak with our students.

View recordings of previous events below:

Loan Repayment Strategies 2018

This presentation offers an in-depth review of federal and private student loans and a discussion of some key repayment strategies to implement so you can get the most out of the programs available for managing student loan debt.

Loan Repayment Strategies - May 2018
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Grace Taylor, associate director of financial aid.

Schedule a one-on-one loan repayment counseling session with one of our debt management counselors:

Financial Planning in Residency Panel 2017

Join PCOM DO residents for a discussion about their financial goals and challenges during the residency years. Panelists speak about their experiences in residency, specifically reflecting on their money management skills and loan repayment strategies. This panel presentation was a live webinar event held in April 2017.

Financial Planning in Residency Panel - April 2017
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Dr. Marla Osborne, DO - Hunterdon Family Medicine, Flemington, NJ
Dr. Mitchell Crawford, DO - Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

Financial Planning 2018

Legacy Planning Partners present on financial planning principles to understand before graduation. This session is pertinent to students in all programs but features some specific information for DO students heading into their residency years.

Financial Planning - April 2018 (via Tegrity)
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Legacy Planning Partners, LLC
David Minarcik, partner
Bryan Saylor, certified financial planner (CFP)

Home Buying 2018

This session provides a basic knowledge about various mortgages and how they work, as well as specific details about doctoral home loan programs.

Home Buying - March 2018 (via Tegrity)
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Daniel Frank, vice president & CFO