PCOM South Georgia Wrapping up First Year, Preparing for New Programs
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PCOM South Georgia Wrapping up First Year, Preparing for New Programs

February 20, 2020

Medical students are nearing the end of their first academic year, having been immersed in pharmacology, immunology, OMM and primary care skills.

Less than two years ago, a grassy field dotted with pine trees which overlooked a pond were the main features at 2050 Tallokas Road in Moultrie. Today, a 75,000-square-foot facility, bustling with medical students, faculty and staff, towers over the landscaped acreage. Since beginning classes in August 2019, first-year Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) students, who are nearing completion of their first academic year, have been immersed in medical education courses including pharmacology, immunology, osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM) and primary care skills.

At PCOM South Georgia, students take part in lectures, then apply that education to practical applications. Kristie Petree, DO ’13, OMM site director at PCOM South Georgia, trains students in manual manipulation unique to osteopathic medicine. During the first two years of students’ education, they regularly work with Dr. Petree, treating everything from headaches to low back pain and helping patients with chronic diseases function better.

“We’re really focusing on integrating OMM into patient care, no matter what specialty the student chooses,” Dr. Petree said.

Students are also trained in the simulation center which houses high fidelity mannequins that breathe and have heartbeats, pupils that react to light and medications, pulses that can be read in eight locations on the body and more. First-year DO students at PCOM South Georgia learn the proper techniques for listening to and identifying a variety of cardiac, abdominal and pulmonary sounds under the instruction of George Fredrick, MD, primary skills site director.

“During their first year, the students learn to evaluate a patient, how to take the patient’s history and how to complete a physical exam,” Dr. Fredrick said. “This prepares them for their second year where they will make a diagnosis and create a treatment plan.”

The inaugural class can attest to the rigors of medical school, but with only a few months left in their first year, they’re finding their footing.

“I’ve enjoyed being able to put my intellectual abilities to the test, and I’m very happy with my results,” said Jasmine Rogers (DO ‘23). “The South Georgia community has made this a very pleasant move for me, and I couldn’t ask for a more interested, involved community in our school’s success.”

Joanne Jones, campus officer, echoes Rogers’ appreciation for the town’s support.

“The people of Moultrie have been champions of PCOM South Georgia from day one,” Jones said. “We are grateful for their continued support and are eager to continue to make this community proud of our college.”

With 35 faculty and staff members, PCOM South Georgia is eager to bring on new students and new programs. A class of 55+ DO students will be joining the campus this coming August, and 15 students will be accepted into the new master’s program that begins in the fall. The Master’s of Science in Biomedical Sciences program will provide the opportunity for students to prepare for science careers or other avenues of professional study.

“This program is designed for students who want to get into a health professional school or have careers in science and want the opportunity to demonstrate that they can perform at that level,” Edward Shaw, PhD, program director of Biomedical Sciences, said.

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