Faculty and Staff 
Department of Physical Therapy

The faculty of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at PCOM Georgia combine their rich experience as clinicians and educators to provide a program emphasizing student-centered learning and educational innovation. They represent clinical expertise in a variety of specialty areas, which is enhanced by their involvement in scholarship. The faculty and staff work together to create an environment conducive to learning and professional development.

Contact Information

625 Old Peachtree Road NW
Suwanee, GA 30024
Phone: 770-682-2368 | Email: ptinfo@pcom.edu


Department Chair

Ruth Maher, PT, PhD, DPT
Professor and Chair
Department of Physical Therapy
Phone: 770-682-2379 | Email: ruthma1@pcom.edu


Melissa Tavilla
Academic Coordinator
Phone: 770-682-2368 | Email: melissata@pcom.edu

Kimberly Frazier
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 770-682-2306 | Email: kimberlyfr@pcom.edu


Faculty Directory

Alaina Bell, PT, DPT portrait

Alaina Bell, PT, DPT


Phone: 770-682-7724

Email: alainabe@pcom.edu

Shelley DiCecco, PT, PhD, CLT-LANA, CI-CS portrait

Shelley DiCecco, PT, PhD, CLT-LANA, CI-CS

Assistant Professor

Phone: 470-387-7720

Email: shelleydi@pcom.edu

Philip Fabrizio, PT, DPT, EdD portrait

Philip Fabrizio, PT, DPT, EdD

Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

Phone: 770-682-2307

Email: philipfa@pcom.edu

Robert Friberg, PhD, PT, CFMT portrait

Robert Friberg, PhD, PT, CFMT

Director of Faculty and Student Development

Phone: 770-682-2314

Email: robertfr@pcom.edu

Ruth Maher, PT, PhD, DPT portrait

Ruth Maher, PT, PhD, DPT

Chair, Physical Therapy Program

Phone: 770-682-2379

Email: Ruthma1@pcom.edu

Carol Miller, PT, PhD portrait

Carol Miller, PT, PhD

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Phone: 770-682-2304

Email: carolmil@pcom.edu

Teresa Pierce, PT, DPT portrait

Teresa Pierce, PT, DPT

Assistant Professor

Phone: 470-387-7722

Email: teresapi@pcom.edu

Melisa Smith, PT, DPT portrait

Melisa Smith, PT, DPT

Assistant Professor
Assistant Director of Clinical Education

Phone: 470-387-7723

Email: melisasm@pcom.edu

Jeanne Welch, PT, DPT portrait

Jeanne Welch, PT, DPT


Phone: 470-387-7721

Email: jeannewe1@pcom.edu

Jennifer Wiley, PT, DPT, DHSc portrait

Jennifer Wiley, PT, DPT, DHSc

Director of Clinical Education
Associate Professor

Phone: 770-682-2313

Email: jennifewi@pcom.edu

Associated Faculty

Joseph M Powers, MD, FAAP

CAQ Sports Medicine

Karlyn J Green, PT, DPT

Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Board-Certified Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Clinical Specialist