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Shivam Patel, DPT '22 
Doctor of Physical Therapy

May 23, 2022

Physical therapy graduate Shivam Patel, DPT '22, describes how he felt immediately at home at PCOM GeorgiaShivam Patel (DPT '22) chose to pursue a doctoral degree in physical therapy because for him “it’s the most rewarding healthcare profession there is.” He derives great satisfaction from watching a patient go from a low point to building them up with strength and confidence to their prior level of functioning.

“The one to one attention that shows that you really care and want to get them back to their goals is what drew me to physical therapy,” he said.

Patel grew up in Peachtree City and attended Georgia State University for his undergraduate education. He said he decided to attend PCOM Georgia because of the “family vibe.”

“I felt it immediately walking through those doors on my interview day. I had interviewed at a few other programs prior and felt nothing like the family atmosphere I got from the students that gave us a tour and the professors that spoke with us during the interview,” he said.

“I chose PCOM Georgia because it was the perfect fit for me. I have built life-long friendships here as well as lifelong mentors. Faculty members at PCOM Georgia are amazing and they all want you to succeed, but are not afraid to let you fail to learn your lessons – which is both humbling and rewarding.”

Following graduation, Patel will work as a physical therapist at Team Rehabilitation in Midtown Atlanta. He aspires to become the best version of himself, eventually owning his own clinic and treating patients “with the same level of joy and gratitude I have now,” he said.

He plans to be a voice in his community, grow his profession, while helping to add more diversity to the ranks of physical therapists.

Patel said his role model is his sister who is ten years older than he is. She has “been my second mom my whole life,” Patel said. “She has shown me right from wrong, challenged me to be my best, and sacrificed so much for me to follow my dreams. I owe her everything,” he said.

“The future is bright not only for myself, but for my fellow classmates. We all have worked so hard and are going to do great things in the future.”

He advises prospective physical therapy students to not be afraid of failure. “It’s through failures that you learn your true lessons.”

He added, “Be open to criticism as it will only make you better. Keep your chin up and head high. It may seem like a long three years, but trust me it goes by fast. Embrace it, enjoy it and learn from it!”